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I am Spoon - Desucon 2014 summary
Hiyaaaaaa! Here comes finally my summary for this Desucon! It was my first Desucon and I was very curious about it because it's the most popular in Finland, and it's pretty damn big! I must say I fell on my *ss when all tickets were sold in half an hour but...

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Desucon cosplay plans
Here we go! I'll be heading to Desucon very soon with my dear Okita Valkoinen Samurai so it's time to reveal cosplay plans! ;) Friday   Here comes an original character of mine! I can't draw to save my life so no sketch or artwork for you. All you need to k...

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Chizuru's summer uniform
Yup, here comes the SSL version of Chizuru, summer edition. I will cosplay this version soon this is absolutely not a Desucon plans spoiler, no no no and so I was in a hurry to get done with the uniform. I had bought the skirt on Ebay, I'm stealing a red bo...

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Voice of Cosplay: Cosvision summary
Cosvision was a brand new event held in Turku the 10th and 11th of May. And as ever I'm shit late writing my summary, I hate you bad Internet. The con was held in Logomo, the building hosting Voice of Finland... hence Voice of cosplay because Cosvision was ...

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Cosvision (cosplay) plans
Yup, I'm going to Cosvision! [ inse rt c and y ra inbo w s h ere ] I'm really curious about this con because it's cosplay-centered, and I can't wait to be there! SOON. But since every congoer shares this kind of enthusiasm, I'll share the rest - namely my p...

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Let's do Lolita!
As most of you probably know, yesterday was the first day of Walpurgis, and since I follow the Finnish traditions because I am living with a proud Finn , the 30th of April was the perfect occasion for free clothing experimenting! I had started taking intere...

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Lens review: Vassen Latte Pink
So, not long ago Valkoinen Samurai was trolling with my lagtop informed me of a sale on Pinky Paradise . I had decided on buying new contacts so I checked the sale too and found this piece of awesomeness... Ermaiglehrb PINK contacts. I tried them on very so...

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Bought some stuff for cosplay ~
I went to town yesterday mainly because I really needed shoes. So I went to a store that has a permanent sale, a.k.a cheap shoes, and after painful searching found some cool stuff! Fabulous. And yeah, the biggest pair is size 36. I have ridiculously small f...

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FINALLY: Momiji's hat
Beautiful derp censor. ... Yeah. So, I have been working on this beautiful blue hat for this cheerful fellow: Sohma Momiji from Fruits Basket. I actually started working on the hat back in... summer. Why did it take me so long? Well, for the whole autumn an...
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