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Greg Ramsdell

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Tiger has made it his mission to help fire departments and their members find their replacements.  This is not an area where "less is more" is a great practice

what a friggin day

I love how the smoke permeates the skin and you can smell it on you for another day or two

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from my awesome kid

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I'm beyond proud to run the NYC tunnel to towers run in a few weeks. Please read about the story behind the run by clicking the link below. Feel free to register or donate. xoxo, D. #343

sitting tight on a dreary day in #msp. lots of time before my flight

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L. O. V. E.  the most important four letter word
What an amazing teacher, and a great example!

If you havn't watched this, it's worth the time to be inspired, both as a teacher, but also as a parent.

#amazingteachers   #amazingparents  

Some important times to remember tomorrow;
0846 - Flight 11 hits the North Tower
0903 - Flight 175 hits South Tower
0937 - Flight 77 hits the Pentagon
0959 - South Tower collapses
1003 - Flight 93 crashes
1028 - North Tower collapses

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We are soooooooooooooo sorry Jamie Foxx!!!!
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