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Being Caballero
General musings about being a Caballero, the old-school traditions on being a Gentleman in a modern world.
General musings about being a Caballero, the old-school traditions on being a Gentleman in a modern world.

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Relationships with someone worthwhile only last when you appreciated their worth.

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Trophy Wives and Trophy Husbands
If you're put on a pedestal, you're supposed to behave yourself like a pedestal type of person. Pedestals actually have a limited circumference. Not much room to move around. Margaret Atwood I have to admit that I’ve tried to be a trophy husband, the kind o...

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Appreciate the Lionesses in your life. Appreciate the mother you had who was willing to do anything to make you a better man. And appreciate the mother of your child who’s willing to do anything needed to make your kid into a better person.

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In Honor Of The Lioness
There is no greater warrior than a mother protecting her child. N.K. Jemisin Here in Being Caballero, we spend a lot of time mentioning the importance of the warrior’s role within our society and within the person. We focus on the importance of being strong...

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Self-discipline is being mature enough that you don't need your mom to remind you what the right thing to do is.

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The Simple Difference Between Boys And Men
Manhood is the defeat of childhood narcissism . David Gilmore As a boy, I wanted to become an artist when I grew up, so I started looking into it. Every professional artist I spoke with gave me the same advice, “Learn to draw when you don’t want to.” At the...

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More Than Just Words
measure of a man's character is what he would do if he knew he never would be
found out. Thomas
Babington Macaulay As of late, there has
been a rise in the amount of Men’s Empowerment and Gentlemen Motivational
groups and workshops. And this is a wonder...

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The biggest thing holding us back is the excuses made by our own bias towards others.

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Confronting My Own Bias
actions in the future are the best apologies for bad actions in the past. Tryon
Edwards As someone who constantly
writes about men owning up to their own preconceptions and bias, I felt it
rather appropriate to own up to one of my own; one that was bl...

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kid needs a mentor. Everybody needs a mentor. Donovan
Bailey We’ve probably all heard
the comments, of how boys have few male role models thanks to the absentee
fathers. This is the main reason why we have today men who don’t know how to be
good men, ...
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