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2011 Sakura | Great Scenes During A Difficult Year

Before I get out to shoot some of this Year's hanami here's one more from the archives.

2011 was a tough year in Japan and there were many calls at first, from government ministers to Tokyos mayor, calling for restraint at cherry blossom time: that somehow celebrating nature's beauty after seeing its worst would be in bad taste.

Happily these voices were drowned out by a public wanting, needing to get out in the spring air and make merry after some very tough times in March.

For me 2011's cherry blossom was sweeter than ever before. It was good to be alive. Good to be safe. Good to know that our family in Fukushima had not had it so hard in the wake of 3/11.

It was good to see mother nature's beauty after witnessing her wrath.


Mamiya 645AFD
Carl Zeiss 110mm f/2
ZD digital back
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