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Survived a ruptured brain aneurysm in May 2003 left work in an ambulance never to return.
Survived a ruptured brain aneurysm in May 2003 left work in an ambulance never to return.

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Post has attachment Col AWD The aftermath Edward Durnford Quest - 1880 - 1884 Chelmsford at Parliament - Crealock's Notebook revealed - August 1880
The Aftermath - The timeline from 1880 Events from 1880. Col. John Chard reports  to Queen  Victoria  January 1880 Colonel John Rouse Merriott Chard VC (21 December 1847 – 1 November 1897) was a British Army officer who received the Victoria Cross,
the hig...

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Interesting information

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The final piece of the Durnford family puzzle.

Post has attachment Margaret McConnell and her boys with George Bills and Charlotte Durnford her daughter
Margaret McConnell and George Bills had two sons William Bills born 1875 at Gulgong  He died in 1966 buried at Kogarah NSW John George Bills  born 1878 William Bills married Jessie Florence Watson and they had Edward George Bills        b 1910  d  1997 IrIs...

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Margaret left our 2nd great grandfather, Montagu John Felton Durnford, and had a life with George Bills. A most difficult research indeed. He did however have relatives on the gold fields at Sofala.

Post has attachment George Bills - Sofala connection
George Bills was born around 1836 in New South Wales the son of William Bills. He worked in the goldfields, as per information on Margaret's death certificate. They were living near Gravesend in Northern New South Wales in 1872. She had her daughter Charlot...

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One thing I have been determined to do before the end of 2016, was to finalise the research on the last brick walls of my Durnford family.
To find our 2nd great grandmother allowed this to almost happen

Post has attachment Finding Margaret McConnell
Margaret McConnell  was born in Lisburn in Ireland in 1837. Her marriage certificate states her parents as Samuel McConnell and Margaret Gillespie, and that she lived in Lisburn in Scotland.  Those details were written by her husband, and it would seem that...

Post has attachment Montagu and Margaret Durnford - Their children Edward, Montague, Francella and Charlotte
In 1875 when Montagu married Agnes Ryland his children were: Edward            15 Montague         13 Francella          11 Charlotte            8 From family stories the eldest boys had a difficult life, and their father was cruel to them.  They may have r...

Post has attachment Gen Edward Durnford and Elizabeth Langley Their son Edward Congreave Durnford
General Edward Durnford and Elizabeth Langley  second son Edward Congreave Langley Durnford. 1.2 Edward Congreave Langley Durnford He entered the Royal Marines in 1851 and appointed to the Royal Marine Artillery in 1852.  During the Crimean War he served on...
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