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Just got this email from +James Raggi. Does this mean no free RPG day kickstarter this year?

Looks like a great deal, too bad I already have almost all of these :)



This month's discount is the big one: a bundle that includes every LotFP PDF, including older versions of the rules that haven't been available for years. 37 PDFs plus the 4 free ones, all for $100.10, which is well over $100 off the normal prices. (If you want the old Grindhouse or Deluxe editions, you can get them separately for $20 apiece, but I don't recommend it...)

If you've only dabbled with LotFP stuff before, this is your big chance to get it all. And I know from comparing sales figures to the number of people these emails reach that there are plenty of as-yet uncommitted dabblers. :D The bundle is available here:

This bundle is to raise money for participating in this year's Free RPG Day, and the bundle (and the old versions of the rules) disappears after February 19 (signup deadline), so jump quick if you're jumping. And if enough money is raised in time, that means on July1 there will be a new free PDF here if you aren't able to pick up a copy at your local Free RPG Day-participating game store. (Well, technically it'll be Pay What You Want, but if you helped finance the thing you shouldn't feel guilty about just taking it for free...!)

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Thought you folks would like my Christmas tree this year. Yes, that's a d20 ornament and Baphomet tree topper. 

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If I ever allow a Druid class for my LotFP games, it's going to be based off of this blog post.  

I thought others here would enjoy this as well. 

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Oh, what's this? Just the play report of my Amazon #rivercrawl  game that so many kind people here helped me out on. It also includes an extended discussion on why I used LotFP for this, and how that affected the tone of the game. It was really cool stuff!

I'd like to turn this into an open table game a la West Marches, so if anyone's interested in playing let me know and I'll set up a time. 

For those interested in the mechanics of running a rivercrawl, I'm working on that post so keep your eyes on the old blog for that. 

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I added a new "Archery" skill to my LotFP game. I've playtested it, I think it's neat. The basic rule is below, and further notes are on my blog.

Archery Skill
All classes start out with a -1 in Archery, except Fighters who start out with a 0. Any character with skill points to spend can increase their Archery Bonus by +1 for each skill point that they spend in Archery. The Archery Bonus is added to the Ranged Attack Bonus when the character is firing a bow, but is not applied to crossbows, guns, or other ranged attacks. The maximum Archery Bonus is +4. 

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The LotFP  #rivercrawl  is coming along. First game is this weekend. Here's a random Amazon village generator that I'll be using for it. Includes a handy list of random encounters for when the players land. 

In other news, I went to my FLGS and asked if they had any jungle-themed supplements, and they had said they had none. They did have the LotFP Carcosa printing though, so that's now a part of my RPG library. There's still one left, too...

Helping: An addition rule for skills. Tell me what you think. Will be playtesting this on Saturday, but would love to catch any major problems before then.

One player's character can attempt to help another's at a skill test. To do this, the helping player another rolls a d4 on their skill. If they succeed by rolling at or under their skill, then the helped player gets +1 pip for their skill roll.

Players with a 5 or a 6 in a skill don't need to roll, they automatically give +1 pip in help. If the helped player moves beyond 5 pips, they roll another d6 for each added pip, and only fail if they receive 6's on all the dice that they roll. 2d6 at 6 pips, 3d6 at 7 pips, etc.

However, if the helping player rolls a 4, they must check their skill on a d4 again, and if they fail the helped player immediately suffers a catastrophic failure caused by the ineptitude of the helper. Players with 4 pips in a skill cause a catastrophic failure on double-4's, and otherwise successfully help.

Catastrophic failures are context-dependent and up to the GM. On a "bushcraft" roll this might mean an immediate random encounter roll, on a "language" roll it might mean a hostile misinterpretation. 

Multiple players can help if it makes sense in-game, but a single catastrophic failure means doom for the attempt.

Helping characters must have the same or fewer pips as the helped character. 

NPCs, retainers, etc., cannot help or be helped by these rules. (May make exception for henchmen.)


I have edited this once based on the feedback below, thanks to +Frank Mitchell and +Oli Palmer both for pointing out mistakes, and +Frotz Self for helping articulate why I want something like this.

The #SecretSanticore  Reference and Table of Contents by me and +James Young is finished! It features the name, author, page number, and a two-line description of each and every Secret Santicore 2014 entry. Posting it here because it features a tonne of LotFP-specific content.

Thanks to +Zak Smith for kicking this off. 

The idea is that this makes Secret Santicore more accessible to OSR players new and old. If you want to easily get a sense of what's in SS this year, read through this document. If you want to see all the LotFP-specific content, search "LotFP" in the document.

Most importantly, if a newbie comes asking about all this awesome free OSR content, send them to this document. It's organized and gives them a sense of the immensity of the free content while also making it easy for them to actually use.

If you like it, reshares etc. are welcome. 

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A spoof LotFP adventure by me and my friend +Nate Spence-Chorman:

The Cod that Growls

The players come across a boat on a hard to cross river. Once in the boat in the middle of the river, they are surrounded by 2d20 cod. The cod growl, vibrating the boat. They won't go away until the party sacrifices 1d4 party members and let the cod sample the delicious tears that they shed while being slaughtered. 

The boat is worth 200 SP and counts for treasure, but only if you get it to civilization. 
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