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Just what American citizens need. More government intrusion.
Research drones will begin flying over North Dakota the week of May 5, the Federal Aviation Administration announced Monday. North Dakota is the first of six unmanned aerial systems (UAS) test sites to begin flight operations.
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Can you live on 1.00 a day? If you can't or wont then you should not ask some one to do something your not willing to do.
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#IT #outsourcing #elance #odesk #ad
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Connecticut's SB 423 Bill
Only the military can ignore parental notification laws on the use of student data. H/t +NNOMY Org 
I’m dumfounded witnessing the influence apparently wielded by the military in Connecticut’s General Assembly. Its influence runs counter to the sensibilities and civil liberties of the citizens of the Constitution State. Apparently the Department of Defense has such clout few have the courage or political will to oppose it.  This is not what democracy looks like. 

On Thursday SB 423, “An Act Concerning Student Privacy and the Administration of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery” was allegedly referred to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs for legislative death. Apparently, committee members have “serious reservations” regarding the bill.  How odd it is that legislation designed to protect the privacy of Connecticut High School children should be re-routed through the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs! [...]

Information gathered as a result of the Administration of the ASVAB is the only information leaving Connecticut’s schools without providing for parental consent.  The release of ASVAB data manages to circumvent the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

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15 Things Highly Confident People Don’t Do

Highly confident people believe in their ability to achieve. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else put their faith in you? To walk with swagger and improve your self-confidence, watch out for these fifteen things highly confident people don’t do.

1. They don’t make excuses.
2. They don’t avoid doing the scary thing.
3. They don’t live in a bubble of comfort.
4. They don’t put things off until next week.
5. They don’t obsess over the opinions of others.
6. They don’t judge people.

Read the article for the full listing!

Are you as highly confident person?

#heartstone   #leadership  
Highly confident people believe in their ability to achieve. If you don't believe in yourself, why should anyone else put their faith in you?
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These have been proven to cause health problems. Not to mention they use oil to keep them running so how is this green?
Will Microsoft Follow Apple and Google’s Lead on Iowa Wind Energy?

Microsoft is doubling its investment in Iowa, spending over $1 billion on a new facility near Des Moines to power its growing cloud computing operation. But unlike Apple, Facebook and +Google,  Microsoft has not committed to powering its corner of the internet with the state's wind energy. +Greenpeace USA +AWEA
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I love reading free books.
Never buy a Kindle book again! ...

I'm relatively new to ebooks. My good G+friend +steph wanamaker introduced me to them and after only a few weeks I'm madly in love with them. One thing I really like about #eBooks is, that one can find so many #IndieAuthors all over the Internet. There is so much talent to be found outside of the large publishing houses.

Probably the biggest vendor of ebooks is I only recently (about 3 weeks ago) got my #KindlePaperwhite and since then have downloaded almost 350 books from #Amazon . And I didn't pay for any of them!

Oh, that must be highly illegal, I hear you saying. Nope, it isn't. Indie authors and Amazon do promotional offers on a regular basis where one can purchase books for absolutely free, if you know how. It's not even a secret. I'll tell you how I download 10-15 books a day (more than I could ever read) an don't pay a cent.

There are many websites on the WWW, introducing #freeebooks from Amazon every day. A good source is the website of +OneHundredFreeBooks ( that I introduced in an earlier post. Another website searching Amazon for daily free books is (what a surprise!). That's the one I want to to tell you about today.

Choose your ebooks at DailyFreeBooks ...
The website has a fantastic classification system which helps you to easily find just the books you want. In the left hand menu you'll find all the tools you need. 

➢ Source: It lets you choose if you want just Amazon or just Smashwords books or both.
➢ Include Books: Determine the time period you want searched.
➢ Sort Order: Rank by various criteria.
➢ Books Per Page: How many books do you want on each result page?
➢ Layout: Here you choose how detailed you want the results to appear.
➢ Minimum Length: How many pages a book has.
➢ Genres: Choose what kind of book you'd like to search for.

Of course you'll have to decide how you want to use those features for yourself. Let me tell you how I do it.

First: I choose my genre ...
I'm a #Fantasy and #SciFi buff. I also love #Cooking and #BBQ  and am interested in computer and internet related books, so the first thing I do is, I scroll down to the Genres menu and check all the boxes I want. When you get there you'll find the All Genres Except Erotica already checked. Feel free to uncheck it, if you like (that's for my G+friend Steph). I then check the Genres I want to search for. If you want to search for several genres at once press Shift while you check them (the page refreshes every time).

Second: I choose how I want the search to be performed ...
I now scroll up to the top of the menu.

➢ Under Source I'll find Amazon only checked by default. I don't change that.
➢ One down I change Include Books from Last 30 days to New since my last visit. Like this I make sure that I don't get any repeats, but don't miss anything either.
➢ I leave the Sort Order unchanged at Newest, then by ranking.
➢ I don't change the Books Per Page feature either. 30 books per page suits me just fine.
➢ I also leave the Layout and Minimum Length as it is.

Now I get exactly the books I like in my search results. I get the cover and loads of information about every book, like the storyline, size, genre, number of reviews and ranking. That helps me choose my books without having to go to Amazon for it.

I order my stuff at the Spanish Amazon website, so I have to actually copy/paste the title into the search field there. If you usually order you ebooks from any site other than amazon.COM you'll have to do the same, but if you live in the U.S. you can simply click on the link provided by DailyFreeBooks and it'll take you straight to the Order page of the book.

Third: Make sure the price is still at $0.00! ...
These free books are often promotional offers with a limited time period. For many books that can be 24-48 hours, so make sure the price shown at Amazon is still at $0.00! Click on Buy with one click (at least I'm guessing that is what it's called, since I buy at Amazon.ES) at the top right hand side and the book is yours!

Fourth: How I buy series ...
When I see that the book at DailyFreeBooks is part of a series, I do things slightly different. I now only copy/paste the name of the series and the author into the Amazon search field, to get the whole series in my search results. I now open all the books in new tabs, buy the one that is free and add the ones that are not to my Amazon wishlist (I created one just for ebooks). Prices of books change all the time and sometimes it even happens that another book of the series will be made free for a limited time. Almost every day I check my wishlist with the Order set Price: from low to high, which makes the free books turn up first, followed by the cheapest. I download the free ones and check if there are any books I really want for under a €. I usually get them too.

Conclusion ...
DailyFreeBooks has more than a thousand new free books every day (yes, there are that many free ebooks on Amazon). I download about 10-15 every day and have no idea how to read them all. Of course sometimes I actually buy books (at a bargain price) if I really want them, since my famous authors rarely offer their books for free and sometimes I'd just like to read a whole series, but theoretically there are enough excellent books on offer for free that I'd never have to buy an ebook again.

And if you want to discuss those books and find reviews and recommendations, check out the G+ community an ebook a day keeps the doctor away (! _Hey Google! Don't you think it's about time we can +mention communities in our posts?

Please share this with your followers! Don't keep them free books for yourself!

+Jens Graikowski 

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This only talks of organic waste. It mentions food but we no longer eat food. We eat food LIKE products. It mentions nprocesses petrolium by-products witch need to go through harmful (chemical) processes. Good read though.
UC Davis Converts Waste Into Clean Energy With Nation’s Largest Campus Biodigester

“This technology can change the way we manage our solid waste. It will allow us to be more economically and environmentally sustainable," Dr. Ruihong Zhang +UC Davis
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"We are the truth antidote for our society. Let’s show it in our gardens, our compost piles, our vermicomposting bins and our domestic larders. That’s not hoarding: It’s ultimate freedom, liberty."
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AWESOME #imageprompt
Hidden Dragons - Photo by Álvaro y Jose Manuel Pérez Alonso Brothers Barrika, País Vasco, Spain. #seascape #beach #barrika
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