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RIC events!
First event: On March 28th, I attended an on campus event called the Duck Hunt! It was an event hosted by the RAs that took place at night. There were about 500 ducks scattered around all the dorm halls and we were to find three ducks per person. All the du...

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Reaction to Born into Brothels
1. In the beginning credits of the film, we can see images of the children's eyes looking down on images of the red light district. What themes do these images reflect? What does it tell the viewer about the children?     By the children's eyes looking down...

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Two citations
Seruya, A., (2014, January 27). Top 7 healthiest college campuses
in the united states . Retrieved March, 23 2014, from (2008, November, 9). Obesity on college campuses continues to
rise rapidly . Retrieved March 23, 2014, from http...

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Final Paper; Self- Portrait: An Unbreakable Bond
Final Paper- Self- Portrait Coelho, Madeline. "I'm Proud of You" 2013. JPEG file. An Unbreakable
Bond             A
self-portrait may have many meanings to people.   Some may think only one person should be displayed in the
picture, hence the name self-port...

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Olympia Prompt
        In class, we observed an old painting by Edouard Manet named Olympia .  In this painting, a nude woman is laying down on what appears as a bed or couch as her servant is delivering her a bouquet of flowers.  The idea of rich and superiority versus p...

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Assignment 1
In Class Blog Spot I participate with online photography by using social media such as Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and sometimes Twitter. I mostly use Instagram and Tumblr when it comes to sharing online photography because that is the main purpose for the...
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