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LOL your worst fears are true: Google will show Ads in the KitKat Dialer. 

You can turn them off, though.

    <string name="enable_disable_advertisements">Advertisements</string>
    <string name="advertisements_enable">Advertisements enabled</string>
    <string name="advertisements_disable">Advertisements disabled</string>
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"The offline maps feature for Android is also no longer available. Instead we’ve created a new way for you to access maps offline by simply entering “OK Maps” into the search box when viewing the area you want for later."

That sounds...not so user friendly? I get that we're usually connected, but not always... thanks team. <1 month is also a really quick sunset for some of those features. :(
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Lovely thinking on what Google+ is, and where it's going
Some thoughts on where Google+ is and where it's going... What do you think?
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Solar Impulse has demonstrated that a solar-powered airplane can fly day and night without fuel. Next challenge is to fly around the world in 2015.

Join famous pioneers discussing right here on Google+ and be a part of it.

Solar Impulse’s ambitious journey Across America pushes energy efficiency to an unprecedented level and serves to inspire people worldwide to make a broader use of clean technologies.

This flight will be the last leg to reach JFK Int. Airport from Dulles Int. Airport. The plane took-off on May 3rd, from San Francisco and successfully reached Phoenix, Dallas, Saint Louis and Washington D.C.

Post questions for our pioneers on this page or via a YouTube video using #13SI for a chance to see them asked on air
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