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ANNOUNCING the WINNER of our second Anaheim Ducks hockey tickets: Congratulations to Joe A.! Stop in for your tickets this week. Enjoy the game!
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Are you tired of spending so much money on artificial tears? Do you notice that your eyes still feel gritty and watery, anyway? Is blurry vision interfering with your reading? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may be suffering from Dry Eye.

Now, would you like the irritation, tearing and blurry vision to STOP?

The latest research indicates 87% of those suffering Dry Eye actually have Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). This chronic, progressive condition produces an imbalance in your tear film, not just a lack of moisture. Artificial tears - although essential for other conditions - often don't work in MGD, leaving you still with miserable, scratchy, watery eyes. 

We've mentioned before that we at Jackman Optometry in Orange are on a mission to help you achieve the best vision possible. Dr. Jackman regularly pores over the latest research to make sure she's giving you the most effective, state-of-the-art care.

Lately she's incorporated new treatments for Dry Eye that stem from recent discoveries and a better understanding of MGD. She brings this to you in a three-part series, "The Lowdown on Dry Eye."

Click on the link below for Part 1, thoroughly presenting the situation in lay terms. (Even though it looks like a generic link, it will go to the right place. G+ hiccup.) Once you understand the tear system a bit, you'll see how much better it is to treat the underlying condition rather than just the symptoms. 

Part 2, going live in about two weeks, will enable you to educate yourself on the latest powerful technological treatments.

Then, Part 3 will introduce you to the recently developed and highly effective methods for home care, either alone or as an adjunct to medical treatment. If your MGD is in the early stages, you may even be able to stop it completely with just the home care.

It's exciting for us at Jackman Optometry to help you prevent this disease progressing to the point of meibomian gland atrophy (permanent!), so you will be informed enough to make sound medical decisions now, when it counts.

And, wouldn't it be great to save that money you're not spending on artificial tears for something a lot more fun?

If you want more info on whether these new treatments can help you, contact us today for at 714-543-2022 or on the web at

We care about your eyes and we're here to help!
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ANNOUNCING the WINNER of Let's Go SEE the Ducks! Congratulations to Jason Wang! Stop in for your free tickets this week. Enjoy the game!
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Is your child's myopia spiraling out of control? Did you know you don't have to stand by helplessly and watch?

Bet you didn't know that if you start early enough, there's a good chance you can prevent myopia. And, that doesn't cost a cent. 

Ortho-K and other solutions can slow and even stop escalating myopia in children. At the same time protecting them from increased risk of certain related pathologies as they get older.

Unfortunately, not many providers are familiar with the latest effective treatments. They're still prescribing glasses and contact lenses which only correct the symptom, don't attack the problem.

Dr. Jackman has first-hand experience with her own family's freedom from progressive myopia and she's really excited about helping other families with similar problems. 

Even if you're not in our geographic location, our website has links to help you find a provider that can change your child's life. 

Extreme? Click below and decide for yourself. We really think you'll be pleased and we'd love to hear from you with any questions or comments. Or, better yet, tell us you decided to take control of your child's myopia and let us know how it went!
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At Jackman Optometry, we want all our patients to have healthy eyes. It's our mission! And good vision care can't begin too soon.

For instance, myopia - aka nearsightedness - is more than just a bother. It can be a concern for children's eye health, especially when it increases more than one diopter/year. 

Early treatment - as opposed to ordinary glasses or contacts - can not only save eyesight but improve lifestyle dramatically.

Read more to find out if your child is at increased risk for retinal detachment, glaucoma and cataracts and what you can do for an ounce of prevention. Then come back next month for the pound of cure!
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Check out our new blog post to learn about the Kamra Inlay, a fantastic new surgery for presbyopia, aka "eyes over 40". You can read all about it and watch a short video that includes a helpful animation. 

The Kamra Inlay will correct both near and intermediate vision and coupled with LASIK has the potential to eliminate your need for glasses or contacts completely! It was FDA-approved in April with superb study results. Call us today at 714-543-2022 for your free consultation.

Click on the link below Kamra Inlay info or to make an appointment online.
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Welcome to Jackman Optometry's very first blog post! We had a bit of fun with this one and hope you will, too. Here is a sample, but you'll have to click the link for the rest. Enjoy!

Jackman Optometry Top Ten Reasons Your Eyes Will Love Us
Welcome to Jackman Optometry! Your vision and eye health are our number one priority and we’d like to be your one-stop optometry shop in Orange County.

Speaking of numbers, we have this little list thingy we borrowed from late-night TV. It’s an introduction to who we are, what we do and why we think you should bring your eyes to see us. We hope it puts a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye.

10.    Jackman Optometry is outfitted with the latest, state of the art technology allowing us to offer you the full scope of optometric services. Cameras, refractors and scopes, oh my.

 _From our Wavefront Autorefractor to our OCT scanner, if you love bells and whistles and widgets and gadgets, you’ll have a great time here. Who says going to the doctor has to be a drag? It’s like the Discovery Science Cube  without any lines!_

 *9.      We carry an extensive selection of frames, including the latest designer frames from Prada and Varvatos. Plus, sunglasses and sports eyewear, some very cool stuff.*

 _Whether you like to rock the geek look, dazzle with upscale design or anything in between, we have a frame to accent your look and the staff to help you find it. In Dr. Jackman’s youth she was a portrait painter with a highly tuned aesthetic, ahem. Just ask, she’s happy to give frame suggestions tailored to your face and the look you’re trying to achieve._

 *You won't want to miss the rest of the top ten (faeries, did she say FAERIES?). Why not come see on us on the blog and then, well, come see us!* Just click the big picture or that link below....Come on, you know you wanna.
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