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Nick Kai Nielsen
Anglo-franco-danish artist.
Anglo-franco-danish artist.

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Contre les sites intox Le Monde vous propose un outil qui vous donne un avis sur la fiabilité des informations communiquées par des sites

Le journal à publié, également, des extensions navigateur pour Chrome (Chromium) et Firefox

Pour les utilisateurs(trices) de Fècesbook il y a ceci

Il est intéressant de lire les commentaires d'utilisateurs - Orwell se trouve cité, car pour ceux qui véhiculent des théories de conspiration et des intox, les moyens de demander un avis sur ce qu'on lit doit être interdit...

Hey +Google+ why is it that in your new shit system when you try to find out who plussed your comments It doesn't work...
#backtoclassic #Google+newshit

And I come back to find I'm stuck with this shit-assed "new" +Google+
This is probably the last time posting as I can no longer post to extended circles.

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The irresponsible scum has been making himself heard...

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A suggested cure for post ballot box blues

if you're a bike person Velouria (her pen name) is worth following

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Trump claims it is impossible to review 650,000 emails in 8 days
Leaving aside what Trump's flip flop from lauding Comey to vilifying him and what it reveals confirms about his character, I am interested in he technical aspect of the review.
So, bearing in mind the G+ community's breadth of knowledge and willingness to exchange information, I want to ask if the task is possible and how.
I contend it is possible - bearing in mind they already have samples of content from HRC's server, I would imagine you can very rapidly filter out those emails that are of no relevance. Also, according to Comey, he his team of agents working 24/7...
However, I have no expertise in the matter and I would like to be better informed...
+Cindy Brown +God Emperor Lionel Lauer are two people in my circles who I know have that kind of knowledge, so, with apologies, i'll ask you first.

Secondly, and this is pure mischief making, Huma Abedin has been reported as saying she has no idea how the emails got on her husband's computer... The FBI have had said computer since Oct 3.
Is it possible to create a spoof account on a computer and load it with this "incriminating" data ?
(This bearing in mind that the Grauniad have reported that the New York bureau of the FBI was "Trumpland" and out of control)

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A signer impérativement par tous qui estiment importantes les conditions de vie des artistes en France...

Kubuntu geeky question
Kubuntu with Intel graphics does not play nicely - the screen will freeze and you have to hard reboot to start again.
Canonical stopped support for Kubuntu a while back and the Kubuntu team went for Plasma 5 as soon as it could and somewhere in the mix things have gone wrong - and from the forums no one seems to know how or why.
My question is this : bearing in mind that KDE is the only desktop "flavour" I like (no proselytizing - I've looked at the others) the solution seems to me to be to move out from under the Ubuntu umbrella and try a different distribution. The question is which ? This bearing in mind I am not good with console command line thingies and much prefer GUIs...
#linux #kde #kubuntu  
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