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This morning, as part of resurrecting my writing "career," I journaled, I blogged, I read over what I have written on my book project, and I wrote some notes to clarify the plot. Reading and writing, eh? That's the ticket!

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My first story is out to three trusted readers, and I started on two possible projects. One is story part 2, the other a whole new thing.

I have a list, but if you said something about wanting to read my drafts, and you're paying attention, now is the time to speak up. #helpme

Have to read it through at least one more time, but I think I might finally be finished with my first “story.” #lookatmeswimming

The holidays were tollsome but I am back at it. Had a great day yesterday, in my nook, ancient computer humming. #workit

Discovered today, while setting up a "writing den," that my old Mac is too old to get the new, free OS X. Lucky my writing app still works.

Good edits today on the short story I shelved two weeks ago. Back on track, I think. I could use less drama though. #thewritinglife

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