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Jim Williamson
Support Manager by day, Android Junkie, gamer, writer the rest of the time - LLTS
Support Manager by day, Android Junkie, gamer, writer the rest of the time - LLTS
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The only wasted vote is the one not cast.
Voting Libertarian, or any other party not one of the 'big two' is a vote for what you believe in, which is what the election system is supposed to be about.
My Libertarian vote this November will not be a vote for Hillary as all you Republicans claim, nor will it be a vote for Trump as all you Democrats scream... it will be a vote AGAINST both of them because I cannot in good conscience be a part of electing either of them to office.

I am looking for the following from Lincoln County records, if someone is available to do a lookup. If not, I'll request an inter-library loan and be patient...
From these records:
Wills -- 1809-1861 [gaps] (#131, 1 reel)*
WPA Records, Lincoln County (Record Group #107, Roll 51, 1 reel). Roll includes Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Minutes (1810, 1814-1817), Minute Docket Book 1 (1811-1812), Marriages (1823-1828, 1838-1866), Wills & Inventories (1810-1824), Will Book (1827-1850) and Church Records (undated).*

I need to find a copy of the handwritten un-transcribed version of the will of Anne Handy 'Harris' McCurdy, circa 1830-31.
I believe that the only transcribed version I have seen may contain a mistake, and I'd like a look at the original.
If anyone is able and willing to look for it, and print/scan a copy from the microfilm, I can be reached at jim (at) williamson-clan (dot) com

I'll be putting in a loan request soon and will update this post when I do. Thanks

I've recently been receiving spam from a Congressman Greg Walden, from Oregon. Apparently his office has subscribed me to his mailing list.
Another useless politician trying to tell me how bad the other party is, and wanting signatures on petitions to start investigations. The most recent is to investigate the failed launch of the 'not-so' Affordable Care Act website.
Why does it need investigated? We all know it failed, who cares why? Why should we spend more tax dollars on this? But, it's the politicians way, waste more of what we're already short on to be able to point fingers at someone else and call them wasteful.
 So this Republican wants to run up more debt in order to find a way to point at the Democrats to complain they are running up the debt... 
Sounds like a Catch-22 to me.

Obama talked about 'Change', the only Change I want is to swap all the assholes, Dems ad Pubs alike, for the Libertarians for awhile. THAT is a Change I can support.

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I can't stop laughing... this broad is NUTS! 
She steals 821 grand and wants everyone to chip in to pay it back because she got caught and doesn't want to go to jail... Big Brass Balls on this gal!

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I love these little quiz deals.. I always seem to be a Libertarian.. and I'm slowly becoming a more conservative one as time goes on... 

It's Monday! What happened to my weekend? It was far too short!

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here's my exit poll response (not that we had any pollers)... Johnson.
I know there will be remarks about a wasted vote, but to me there's only two ways to waste your vote... don't vote, or vote for someone you don't believe in.
Do Not Waste Your Vote! Get out there and exercise your right! I don't care who you vote for (well, not much) I just care that you do vote!

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there's a lot scrolling past today, so not sure.. has anyone else seen this yet? 

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Gov. Gary Johnson will participate in the Online Presidential Debate on Thursday, October 18th at 7:00 pm EDT.

Joining Gov. Johnson in the debate will be Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for President. The debate will be streamed live on Google+ Hangout.

The online presidential debate will focus on five key topics in domestic policy including:

1. Tax and Economic Policy,
2. Energy,
3. Housing and Financial Regulation,
4. Foreign Policy, and
5. One topic selected based upon online user response.

The debate can be viewed live on October 18, 2012 beginning at 4:00 pm PDT / 7:00 pm EDT at, or on’ Google+ and YouTube pages. The event will be recorded and can be viewed at either location following the debate.

For more information about the Online Presidential Debate, visit

To learn more about Gary Johnson, who will be the only other candidate on the ballot besides Obama and Romney, please visit
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