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Because all music deserves a chance to be heard.
Because all music deserves a chance to be heard.


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Had an excellent time seeing The Felice Brothers at Ardmore Music Hall. They brought such a fervor to the stage... They really rocked the house!  

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I know I don't post here often... Tonight I will be going to #ArdmoreMusicHall  to see The Felice Brothers!  I will be attempting to record as much of the show as possible... So stay tuned for pic's and video!

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For those of you who listen to Mountain Stage (and those who don't)... Here is a handy link to the mp3 archives of the shows from 2010 to 2012. Poke around, see if you see any names you recognize. There are sure to be some great acts in this archive!

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"Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Aly Tadros releases her sophomore album, The Fits, on January 15th. Originally from Laredo, Texas, as a teenager Tadros moved between Turkey, Spain, and her father’s native Egypt immersing herself in Spanish, Turkish and Arabic language studies. She developed a keen ear for contemporary and traditional world music and there are subtle world music influences in her beautiful songs. She left college at Sarah Lawrence to pursue her musical calling and released her debut album in 2009. Below, download “Sweet On Me” from her forthcoming album."

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Love Cartel | In Between Chaos And Sleep. 

New Video:

See their site:

In regards to your earlier post (which won't allow me to comment)... At times, sharing new music does fee like a full time commitment. I used to spend many hours a week on it. Now I've come to realize I don't "have to" do that. Now I seek and share as it is convenient to me. I do it because I love it... Therefore, I don't want to make a job of it, or I very well might not love it anymore!  Your are absolutely correct, the more you keep at it... The more your following numbers will go up!  Happy Holidays.

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In the spirit of sharing, I bring to you a festive holiday album by Maya Solovey. I first heard of Maya from her song "Ring Ring Ring", a catchy tune which stays on heavy rotation in my music collection. Head on over to Bandcamp to download her seasonal 5 track album named "Midwinter". You can name your own price (including $0.00).  Here's the link...
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