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It Starts.
Well, hey everyone. I'm alive! It's so funny because everyone seems to treat the whole mission thing as a form of "death." I know I did. It's hard to picture life on the mission when you're still in the real world. But I have learned that once you're on a m...

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** * * * **
I'm terribly good at terrible things; like dealing with a broken heart, distancing myself from the people I love the very most, and keeping all the things I should say bottled up inside my head where they build up pressure until they eventually leak out thr...

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 Okay so I have a couple orders of business here: first and foremost I need help with my photograpy account on instagram. So if you'd be so kind as to go look up  @starkissedlips on insta and then hit the follow button, I'd be extremely satisfied. Next, I'm...

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"you're beautiful, you know that, right?"
My niece and nephew snuck down to my bedroom on Sunday and rummaged through my makeup drawer with their tiny little hands until they found a vibrant pink lipstick-- then they proceeded to put an artistic twist on my walls and full-length mirror. And I guess...

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November 17th.
Everyone is invited.  Click here to add yourself to the event on facebook.

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take me where the world can't find me.
I was sitting in the passenger seat of Ruben's car; Maddie was nestled comfortably in the back seat between my guitar and Ruben's camera....

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and we shall call him Riley.
There's a new man in my life and he has my whole heart. I even asked him if he'd wait for me. Welcome to earth, little human. Welcome to ...

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"you were never a joke to me."
It's time for sweaters at church, fall-scented candles, blue suede shoes, and caramel apple spice. Autumn has made her way back into my l...

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70 days.
Five shots later and I'm the bravest little girl ever. My mommy held my hand, so does that count as cheating? It's not even a big deal or...
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