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Chet Haase
Graphics geek, comedy nerd
Graphics geek, comedy nerd

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Sneakers: they're like corsets for feet.

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Episode 63: Dagger

+Tor Norbye and I have been trying to get the Dagger team on the podcast for a while. We were finally all in the same timezone and made it happen.

Episode 63 of the Android Developers Backstage podcast is now available.

In this episode, +Chet Haase and +Tor Norbye talk with +Gregory Kick from the Java Core Libraries team at Google about Dagger, Auto Value and Guava.

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I love this place where the bike lane goes right out into traffic.
But they should finish it by painting the outline of a squashed biker.

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A colleague's subtle commentary on my coffee cup hygiene.

On the bright side, it's cleaner than it usually is when I return from a trip.


Roses are blue,
Violets are dead.
You wanted some jewelry;
Here's flowers instead.

I've always found the class file compression process a little jarring.

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Use SQL to corrupt their databases
run predictive algorithm

I caught the new Jason Bourne flick on the plane last week. These were my two favorite scenes by far.
It's always amusing when writers take some wild guess about how computers work. What we do is apparently some mysterious black art. Or it's just far too boring for them to get actual facts from us.
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I'm liking this Pixel camera.
The London weather, not so much.
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