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Iconic city images from Shanghai to Paris - 23 photos at a time
Iconic city images from Shanghai to Paris - 23 photos at a time

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7 Helsinki Festivals

If you ever needed a reason to visit Europe’s capital of cool, here are seven fab festivals and events that take place in Helsinki from January through December.

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Big changes afoot at The Festival Gadget

Up until now, our festival listings have been offered up on a monthly subscription basis. As part of that service we routinely updated our festival data — details such as festival dates and festival venues — and made these updates available to our clients via their own customised database.

After consultation with our existing clients we've scrapped the subscription model. All of our clients (new and existing) will now take ownership of our festival listings for a one-time payment — a payment based on the number of listings requested. So, no more monthly charges!

We no longer update the coming dates of the festivals and events in our database, meaning we've been able to pass the savings allowed by our reduced workload directly on to our clients.

The one-time payment comes in at roughly the cost of a single year's subscription, meaning the long-term savings to our clients are significant.

As a bit of ballpark, depending on the number of listings a client is looking to purchase prices range from €2.40 to €3.00 per listing.

For more information including our full pricing model you can check in at our recently update FAQs page:

To get an idea of what our festival listings look like, take a peek at our example listing page:

For an idea of the scope of the listings we currently offer, head on over to our list pages at:

If you have any questions or would like us to open a section of our database for closer inspection, please just drop us an email.

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Excellent idea!
Introducing our all new Vegetarian and Vegan Translation Sheets.

No fancy schmancy phone to run our apps? No matter. With Agogo Eats Translation Sheets we're going old school. We're taking things analogue.

Our translation sheets are simple, instantly-downloadable paper versions of what our apps do so well. They contain the same professional translations (from the team at as our apps and the same funky icons to reinforce your veg'n message.

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Very cool!
Dubai's Floating Villas With Glass Walled Underwater Bedrooms

Taking advantage of a region where a seven-figure USD price tag for residential property has long been the norm rather than the exception, Dubai Property Developer, Kleindienst, now have the first of 42 semi-submerged villas — dubbed Sea-horses — in place, six kilometres off the coast of Dubai.

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5 Things Glasgow Has That London Lacks

Whether you're comparing Glasgow to London for work, school or a holiday, these two cities are poles apart in many ways. Many people revere Glasgow as the superior choice between the two for very specific reasons.

Let's take a look at 5 things Glasgow has that London lacks.

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Held over four weekends in June and July, Thaxted Festival is a music celebration that showcases talented musicians and orchestras, both British and international. From chamber to jazz, early music to contemporary compositions, the festival has honored the best across several genres for decades and continues to do so. With roots tracing back to the early 1900s, Thaxted brought the event back in 1980 and is now one of the most, if not the most, important festival for this town.

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Here at Veganagogo we never set out to produce an all encompassing travel translation app – the sort of thing that'd help you board a bus bound for Baku or book a bed and breakfast in Budapest. Far from it in fact. Now while there's probably a ton of general travel translation apps on the market that do a delightful job, at Veganagogo we're keeping things simple. We're taking things niche. We're looking to do one thing and one thing alone, and we're looking to do it very well indeed.

We're providing the modern vegan traveller with an app that lends at least a little confidence to a situation that has filled vegans with dread for decades. Yep, you guessed it, ordering vegan food on the road.

#Vegan #VeganApp #VeganTravel #VeganTravelApp #VeganTranslationApp #VeganTravelTranslationApp #Veganagogo #AgogoApps

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In its 23rd year and still going strong, the 2015 EFG London Jazz Festival is delivering an exciting line up featuring some of the industry’s biggest names as well thrilling new acts. Starting on Friday the 13th and closing on Sunday the 22nd, local and visiting jazz fans (and music lovers in general) are in for a treat this month with more than 300 spectacular slots from more than 2000 artists planned, celebrating the best of jazz and showcasing everything between improv and jazz tuba.

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Bustling Ho Chi Minh City

From her vibrant cities to her palm-fringed beaches and her hill-top retreats, Vietnam's tourist appeal is broad. And despite a long history of colonisation and fighting, her people are gracious, gentle and welcoming.

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Never has it been easier for a British bloke about to tie the knot to round up a bunch of mates and hit a European capital for a stag do to remember. With the emergence of budget airlines providing cut price European fares to many of Europe's tourist hotspots, it's now cheaper than ever to celebrate your last days as a bachelor taking in a little culture, a major sporting event or a festival on the continent with a group of your best friends.
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