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Fahim Promi
I love cake.
I love cake.

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Triggers, Mental Health, Safe Spaces and Recovery.
The study of mental health is fairly new and in its early stages right now. There is still so much we don't know. This should not come as a surprise, though, since the mind is an esoteric and complicated thing, intricate and complex in a trillion different ...

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People Of The Book
A lot of people have opinions about the People of the Book. I have even heard some scholars speak with authority about them and yet speak utter nonsense. Most people have no idea who or what they are. The People of the Book, the Ahlul-Kitab, refers to th...

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Essentials Of Christianity — On The Descent Of Christ Unto Hades
The Byzantine and old Russian icons of the Resurrection of Christ never depict the resurrection itself, i.e., Christ coming out of the grave. They rather depict ‘the descent of Christ into Hades’, or to be more precise, the rising of Christ out of hell. Chr...

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The history of the believers of the One is marred with stories of trials and tribulation. Throughout the course of time, the Servants of the Lord have survived a myriad years of bondage, slavery and exile. Many a times such suffering have come as a result o...

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Essentials Of Christianity — The Harrowing Of Hell
And Joseph rose and said to Annas and Caiaphas: You are indeed right to marvel since you have heard that Jesus has been seen alive after death, and that he has ascended into heaven. However, even more marvelous, he did not rise from the dead alone; but many...
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