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Discovered Money
Unclaimed property advocates and lost money search services
Unclaimed property advocates and lost money search services

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Breaking News for Delaware residents: You may now search for unclaimed property on Google Street Maps for all cities in the state of Delaware! Our annual update was completed today. You are searching for lost treasure! More than 24,000 addresses are mapped! Happy New Year!

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Watch our video series to learn about the unclaimed property process.

We dedicate our time to unclaimed property advocacy:

1. Our volunteers advocate for the citizens who are unaware they are listed in unclaimed property databases.
2. We publicize and share all of the important legislative updates in this industry.
3. We lobby for the fair and equitable treatment of the lost money nationwide; during the safekeeping term, every unclaimed money fund should earn interest for the rightful owners.
4. We support the “open government” principle: this encourages information and data transparency by local, state and federal governments.
5. We support the “open data” movement – all unclaimed property data should be freely and publicly released in a format that is easy to share with the masses.

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