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Aileen Sorenson

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My Google+ Photobox

This is an awesome way to see your most liked photos here in Google Plus. 
To see what yours look like, replace my google ID with yours.

Saw this update via +CJ Cox, thank you for sharing! And, many thanks to +Jari Huomo! 
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How old are you

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Aileen Sorenson

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Sweet Holiday Christmas Tree
Oh, wow! I've been offline for some weeks and trying to catch up here and found out my entry for Dessert at +Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt won FIRST PLACE. I would like to say thank you so much, +Scott Jarvie  for the nomination and ranking my image!  And, thank you to +Michael Bonocore and +Mark Rodriguez for the Honourable Mention! I am so overwhelmed and truly honored!
Thrilled to get in the  +Chrysta Rae's Photography Scavenger Hunt for the first time and, I would say it's challenging and fun! 

Please stop by if you got some time to check these wonderful images of Holiday Dessert! 

First Place Winners

Second Place Winners

Third Place Winners

Honorable Mentions

Holiday Dessert Album

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Congrats +Aileen Sorenson. Well done
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Aileen Sorenson

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Thank You

I just wanted to say Thank You All so much for the support on my Photography. Year 2012 has been an excellent year – a year that I finally came out of my box and for doing so, I met wonderful people around the globe. You are all amazing and all your works are truly remarkable and inspiring. I am grateful of knowing and meeting you here in Google Plus. Truly am.

I welcomed before New Year strike being sick and glad I feel way better today. Behind my smile on this New Year’s Eve party is my tummy rumbling and unhappy and it continued on for several days with fever. If I had known that I’ll be sick few hours before the New Year comes in, I might have stayed home but I did not. I had continued on and waited until it hits the clock at midnight to go home with my family as it was 45 minutes’ drive back home. Anyhow, behind that smile is a smile that year 2012 has been wonderful to me and my family. And, I give thanks to God for all the blessings He has given on my way. 

Year 2012 has many ups and downs along the road but despite all of it, I am grateful as it gives nourishment and those are the spices and ingredients of life. The down sides are what make me strong and a reminder that after a heavy rained, a rainbow always comes out. The up sides are what make me feel good of the accomplishments in life and a little pat behind my back. Yes, sometimes it is good to dissect all the things what you had done in many ways to get to know it better next time. The up sides is good but as much as possible, I don’t try get it too much in my head as it might get bigger and too much to carry and I’ll tip it over at the end. 

As for year 2013, here’s to hoping to grow, improve and get better on my photography. And, wishing for good health, happiness and more blessings to my family and yours! 

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+mady sach - Thanks much again, mady! 
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Aileen Sorenson

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Good Morning

Here is something to my dear friend, +Alycia Miller,  wishing you a belated happy birthday! Hope it was a great one! 

And, May you have a fruitful Thursday today, every one! I have been so busy lately and I think I am missing your wonderful posts, I apologized for that. 

For those that added me recently to their circles, thank you! If you are in photography, don’t forget to say hi and I’ll come and check your beautiful posts in your stream. Thank you! 

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+Harit Doshi - Thank you, Harit! 
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Aileen Sorenson

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Teaching our child at an early age not to get out of our house without us knowing is ideal and advisable

This is Sofia. She came and knocking twice in our door at noon yesterday. The first time I opened our door, I asked her if she’s lost and  if needed help to find her mom. 

“No, I am looking for someone’s house” she replied. 
“You got the wrong house sweetie and where’s your mom?”. 
“Oh, she is in our house just in the corner” she answered. Then, she took off. I was thinking probably the new  neighbor just in the corner and maybe they are just over at the next door park. This is not the first case that some kids come and knocking in our door if they can play with my daughter. But these kids I know them at school and they know me because sometimes I do volunteer at school. 

Anyway, after several minutes, Sofia came and knocked again, and this time she introduces herself to me. 
“Hi, I’m Sofia. Can I play with your daughter? I just live around the corner”.
“Oh, ok. But where’s your mom? Is your mom supposed to be here and talk to me personally?” I asked.
“My mom knows I am here to play with your daughter. I don’t speak bad words and I play nicely”, she said.
Then I asked, how old she is and replied back that she is 5 years old. 
Then I figured that she must have just got out of the house without her mom knowledge and just wandering around the neighborhood. What I mean, a curiosity mind of a child is working. 

Then, I invited her inside the house and went outside and check if there’s a car park next door. Maybe her family is over the park but I see none. 
I told her I have to change my clothes and we’ll walk over at her house and need to talk to her mom.

Before we get out of the house, I talked to Sofia that I think her mom does not know where she is and that she just sneaks out of the house. I can see that I was right because she kind of thinking deeply. I then, told her that is not good idea at all to get out of the house at the very young age without telling her mom to get out of the house. Some bad things might happen to her.

After passing several houses, her mom is calling her behind us. She just came from the park and I saw the worried look on her face and almost cried when she saw her daughter. She even parked her car the wrong way for being worried. She asked me if her daughter came and knocking in our door and I said yes. It looks like this is not the first time that her daughter has done it – get out of the house without her knowledge. I found out that their house is three streets away from us. 

On the other hand, not a first case a kid came and knocking in our door. A fourth grader is supposed to go and play with his friend’s house but got lost in the direction. He knocked in our door and asked me very nicely if I can help him with some directions.  Other times too when two  boys  came and want to play with my nephew (when my nephew still lives with us), and turned out that their parents does not know that they get out of the house. One time too, a two or three years old boy came and knocking in our door as well. 

When Sofia said that she wants to play with my daughter, I already knew that something is wrong. 

It just occurred to me and wonders why the kids landed in our doorstep instead in my neighbor’s house? To think that our house sits in a corner lot and our courtyard is gated. When it is gated, you are more reluctant to come in. 

Anyway, I am grateful that I taught my daughter at the very young age not to go out beyond our gate without asking me first. I would have been so freaked out and worried sick about her if she has done it this way too. 

Teaching our child at an early age not to get out of our house without us knowing is ideal and advisable especially nowadays. Life is not that simple anymore. It is not the way it is used to be. 

#portrait   #monochromemonday  
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Aileen Sorenson

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Check out the Ornament Album of +Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt Holiday Special! 
What a beautiful album!!! If you got some time, please take a look! Thanks! 

We're on DAY NINE of the HOLIDAY SPECIAL round of the +Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt!!!

What is the photography scavenger hunt?
Only the most fun you can have with your camera!!

I host this event every other month for anyone of any level of photography to participate.
I open the game up to 500 Photographers
I give you 10 items to shoot 
I give you one month to shoot and enter your photos.
Then I have them judged by amazing photographers
(this round's judges were +Alan Shapiro, +Michael Bonocore, +Scott Jarvie and our winner from last round, +Mark Rodriguez)

I then open the albums up to the public - which is this stage.
Later today I will be posting the winners.
There are 10 categories: look to see the RIBBON, SANTA, SNOWFLAKE, MISTLETOE, CANDY CANE, HOLIDAY SONG, TRADITION and DESSERT albums on my profile page - already revealed.

This event is an amazing way to use your camera in new ways. It gets you seeing things that you normally wouldn't see. It helps improve your photography skills, gives you a huge audience, and let's everyone celebrate each other's successes. 

The group of "scavengers" that participate create a community unlike any other on G+. Support, encouragement  friendships even some#huntsmack is enjoyed. We become a family over the course of the month. 

This is a negative-free zone - I have zero tolerance for any critiques that are uninvited. Please be respectful and remember that every person went out there and took the time to shoot these images and put thought into them and tried their best. I am proud of every single one of you.

(NONE of the images were taken by ME - this is a collection of images taken by multiple photographers participating in the scavenger hunt. All copyrights apply)

With that - I present to you the *ORNAMENT" album,
1 item seen in 269 different ways.

(album cover image by +Cora Triton)
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very great
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Aileen Sorenson

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Back again 

Morning rise, sun is up; seconds click forward, to minutes and to hours. A day come by seems too fast and then weeks passed by. I realized that I have been absence here for some time and I apologized. I’ll be catching up what I had missed here and bear with me my Google Plus friends. 

Life is good, enjoy every moment! 

#flowerphotography   #floralphotography   #flora  
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Beautiful :)
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Aileen Sorenson

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The other day…

“Here’s something for you, Mom. I picked it up for you at school to take a picture”, my daughter said and handing me over this tough pink rose. It was surely indeed put a big smile on my face. 

+Pink Circle curated by +Cheryl Cooper and +lane langmade, thank you, ladies. +HQSP Flowers curated by +Carina Marsh +Marina Versaci, thank you. +Macro4All curated by +Walter Soestbergen, thank you. +FloralFriday curated by +Tamara Pruessner, thank you. +HQSP Macro curated by +Vinod Krishnamoorthy, thank you. 
#pinkcircle   #hqspflowers   #macro4all   #floralfriday   #hqspmacro  
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+Aileen Sorenson Congratulations! Your photo has been selected for display on as Photo Of The Day!
It might take several hours before your photo shows up on the site!
Thank you, have a nice day!
Rinus Bakker
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Aileen Sorenson

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12 days before Christmas

Only just 12 days before Christmas, and are you done shopping gifts for your loved ones and friends?

Anyway, this decoration is sitting above our fireplace and my inaugural post for +Christmas Town lead by +lane langmade along with her merry elves +Gene Bowker +Brad Buckmaster +Tom McGowan +Lynn Langmade and +Michael Albrecht. Thank you! 

#christmas2012   #christmastown  
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+Mylah Nazario - Apologized for late response! And, thank you so much, Mylah! 
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Aileen Sorenson

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Let’s dance

I heard that it’s #CelebrateRGW  today!
Wishing you a Wonderful Birthday, dear +Robin Griggs Wood!
Enjoy your special day! 

Here's one of my shot for #macrofeatherfriday  theme, and thank you Robin for introducing to feathers. They are indeed fun to photograph!

#colors   #macrophotography   #plusphotoextract  

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wonderful strong colors !! I like !!
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Aileen Sorenson is a licensed Civil Engineer, a mother to an 8 years old girl, a wife, a sister and a friend. Her life moments have been changed when she moved in California, USA from the Philippines in year 2003.
She does volunteer works and support charities. She has been one time elected President of MOMS Club® of West Sacramento, CA, a nonprofit corporation and a 501 (C) (3) publicly-supported charity registered with the IRS. 
She has been doing volunteer works at her daughter school if time permits.
As for photography, she is purely self-taught. Photography starts as one of her hobby then it becomes her passion. Monetary gain is not her primary objective but for the love of taking picture and sharing it to othes.

Her definition of photography - Don't just accept the world as you first see it. Move around. Experiment. Explore how you change each scene right before your eyes.

In her point of view of photography - To improve and get better on your photography skill, take out your camera and use it more otften. Grab the oppurtunity if your time allows it and build your own photorgaphic eye. The quality of your photorgaphy depends more on your own creativity.
She has been clicking her camera for a little over three years and already did some paid photography works: wedding, events, company product and profile, and some portraits.
If you were to ask her if she wants to do more some wedding events. Her answer would be no. For a reason of most weddings are done during weekends and she does not want to take away that quality time with her family as life is short.   
You can also view some of her photography work here. Thank you!

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