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Olive Trees for sale. visit our showgarden or shop online. Free delivery.

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Growing Cacti and succulents in your home

Here at The Norfolk Olive Tree Company, we don't just have Olive Trees for sale. We are rather partial to Succulents and Cacti and have a delightful selection on offer. With forms that range from tall and statuesque to cushions or dangling tentacles, cacti and succulents make original sculptural plants for the house, conservatory or even garden.
The cacti and succulent family consists of several thousand species and are amongst the easiest of plants to grow providing you follow a few simple rules:

1. They are fleshy plants that store water enabling them to survive in time of low rainfall so it is important not to overwater them as this will cause them to rot.
2. They require high levels of light a sunny windowsill will be an ideal spot 
3. They have shallow root systems and thrive best in a bowl and not a deep pot.  
4. They require a well drained gritty soil.

If you follow these simple rules then you will be rewarded with plants that offer interest, structure and colour. One of the best ways to get the most from your cacti and succulents is to plant a mini garden, to do this you will need a shallow bowl in the bottom of the bowl place some stones or broken crockery then fill the bowl with a mix of a light compost and sharp sand. Then comes the fun bit select your plants, most garden centres stock a good supply of cacti and succulents so pop along and choose the ones that catch your eye and plant up your own mini garden remember to put the tall plants in the middle and then maybe a trailing succulent to hang over the edge, a few stones or small rocks on the surface will also add to the effect. Then place your garden in a nice light spot such as a kitchen windowsill or conservatory, they will even survive most of the year outside in the garden so can be placed on the patio or on a garden table as decoration.

Paul Smith. Owner. The Norfolk Olive Tree Company. 
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Free delivery on all our beautiful ethically sourced Olive Trees. 

5 reasons to add an Olive Tree to your wedding list wish list! 

The Olive Tree otherwise known as the 'Tree of life' is becoming increasingly popular as a wedding gift. One of the reasons behind their new found celebrity status is James Righton musician made a very public offering of a one hundred year old Olive Tree to his new Bride Keira Knightly. Whilst  Angelina Jolie was reported to have brought husband Brad Pitt a two hundred year old Olive Tree for a Valentines Gift.
In Greece, a common blessing for married couples is: "May you always have bread and wine and olive oil in your house."
As well as being a gift symbolic of Peace, Hope and fertility there are many other reasons why newly weds should plant an Olive Tree.

1. Olive Trees have a small root system and can be moved and transplanted with the couple at every  chapter of their lives together.
1. Trees increase property values. The beauty of a well-planted property and its surrounding street and neighbourhood can raise property values by as much as 15 percent.
2. Olive trees can be grown in the ground or kept in pots, and not only symbolise the longevity of the marriage, but also represent continued abundance in years to come.
1. Trees clean the air. OliveTrees absorb odours and pollutant gases (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulphur dioxide and ozone) and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark.
3. Trees block  out eyesores. Olive Trees can mask concrete walls, nosy neighbours and unsightly views. They muffle sound from nearby streets and roads, and create an eye-soothing canopy of green. Trees absorb dust and wind and reduce glare.

It's the gift that keeps on giving and will accompany the couple throughout their married life, braving the storms, offering shade and protection and bearing fruit. A gift truly rich in meaning. 

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Here are four steps to preparing your Olives
Step one:
•Slit each Olive down one side from North to South eg. along the length
of the Olive. It does not have to go down to the stone/pip
•Put the olives into a bucket or container and cover completely with
• Change the water once every day.
• After two weeks you can start tasting an Olive. If the bitterness is gone
you can proceed to step two.
•Step two:
•Rinse the Olives properly and pour off the water leaving the Olives in
the bucket.
•Make a salt water solution in a separate bucket using the ratio of 1kg
packet of salt to 10 litres of water. You probably won't need this much so
scale down depending on the quantity of olives.
•Pour the salt water into the bucket of Olives until they are completely
covered. You may find that the top layer of Olives is floating out of the
• If so use a plate or something similar of appropriate size to hold them down.
• After about 1 and a half days take out one Olive and thoroughly rinse it with water and taste. It
should be salty already and you can proceed to the next step if the saltiness is o.k for you.
• If it is not salty enough leave it for another half day and test again and so on.
•Step three
•Rinse the Olives properly with clean water. Empty the bucket of the water leaving
the Olives in the bucket.
•Fill the bucket with any cheap spirit white vinegar until the Olives are covered.
•After about six hours they should be ready. Take one Olive, rinse and taste. If it is
ok go to the next step. If you find it too acidic go back to step one for a day or so,
this will remove some of the bite. If all ok go to step four.
Step four
•Take a wide mouthed sterilized glass bottle with screw top. It is important that the
bottle is very clean. Put the bottles through a dishwasher first. Nescafé bottles,
mayonnaise bottles will do just fine.
•Fill the bottle with Olives, but leave at least a centimetre gap to the top of the
bottle as you are going to eventually cover the olives completely in Sunflower Oil.
•As you fill the bottle with Olives put in some garlic cloves and dry oregano. Try to
do it in layers. Now and then you can throw in one little fresh chilli and or some
whole pepper corns.
• When your bottle is full pour in sun flower oil until the Olives are completely submerged in oil.
• Cut a piece of grease proof paper about twice the size of the mouth of the bottle and cover the
mouth with it and then screw on the lid tightly.
• Your olives should be ready in about two weeks.
Green Olive Recipe
Note that for green olives everything is basically the same. But you cannot slit a
green Olive. It must be hit with a hammer or mallet so that the skin breaks
irregularly.Also step one takes twice as long to get rid of the bitterness.
Enjoy your Norfolk Olives! 

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Keep olives healthy and give them a Winter spray of Bordeaux mixture. First spray in November, then again in February. Perfect day for it. 

Off to visit a client in the South of France tomorrow, so we are closed Friday 13th, Monday 16th and Friday 20th. Open as usual Saturday and Sunday. Paul will be on hand to show off all our beautiful new trees.

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Here's Antonia talking to Ellen Mary from Mustard TV all about creating year long colour and interest in your garden, starring our Olive Trees

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Introducing The Norfolk Olive Tree Company and their exclusive offer to all couples marrying at The Keeper and the Dell
Welcome to the latest addition to our   Norfolk Love   family,   The Norfolk Olive Tree Company .   Based in Norwich, they are hugely knowledgeable
on all things green, and particularly the ancient and beautiful olive trees.  A husband and wife team, Paul a...
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