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The Steelers 80th-anniversary throwback uniforms are ________.
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Wow, from the jail yard to the field I see.... Hahaha suitable for them
Probably the ugliest uniforms ive ever seen. And ive seen the maryland terps uniforms
kids shield your eyes lol hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
a great example of someone over-thinking a simple task.
those are the old pirates unis from waaaaaaaaaaaay back when
wow they look like experimental refs uniforms gone bad :P
Wow something worse than the Seahawks neon green uniforms
What the heck are these for? Are we playing professional Rugby in the US now?
Is that the Australian Steelers?
Looks like the remaining members of Blind Melon had some input in designing these uniforms.
Now the Steelers can look as bad as they play!
Mark V
...probably much better-looking on an old Black & White TV.
Yeah you are probably right Christopher.....this uniform is just plain hideous!
Yes they r ugly, but what do u expect for Pittsburg, GO BROWNS!!!
Why did these words just pop into my head? Roethlisberger. Prison. Jump. Suit. Stripes.
...what Freddy Krueger would wear if he was a Steelers fan. All that's missing is the razor glove!
It's good for ben rothlisburger, as he diserves to be in jail
that is the uglyest uniform i have enery seen even thow i like the steelers
i would not want to be seen in that shrit
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