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Might as well spam this to G+ as well! +Mapillary featured me in a blog post they published this morning.

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So little XM. Hope y'all are stocked up on power cubes! 😃 

Oh look, it's the day to stay off the internet.

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This is what happens to the rubber rollers in an +HP printer after 240,000 pages. It was starting to jam up rather frequently. Hopefully this maintenance kit will fix it. Penny for scale.

Am I missing something? When viewing some random G+ user's profile, how do I add them to a circle or start a hangout with them? The only button available to me is to "Follow" them. Did Google go and change something?

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At over 5,000 reported incidents for the year, this seems like a more real danger to air traffic than "drones." Perhaps we all need to register our laser pointers with the FAA?

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So, anyone register yet?


Seriously. I just tried to install the original +Bioshock from DVD on my new computer. The game would run fine but SecuROM that it uses to ensure that I haven't stolen the game flat out does not work on Windows 10. By design. Because it was a terrible piece of code that should be burned with the fire of a million suns. So now I have a game that I legally purchased that I can no longer play.

I have two options: Buy a new copy that comes without SecuROM through Steam or download a cracked version... which is what SecuROM was supposed to prevent me from doing in the first place.

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Today I fixed a broken SATA socket with a post-it note.

One of our developers' workstation froze up and then said it couldn't find a bootable drive. We opened it up to find the SATA socket on the drive had been damaged. The damage likely happened months ago when an SSD was installed in the system but somehow it was holding on until something bumped it today. The plastic tongue in the middle was snapped off and nowhere to be found. This left the drive in perfect working order but with no way to connect it to the motherboard because there was no way to form a solid connection with the copper contacts sticking out of the drive. We tried doing a controller swap with an identical drive but that just resulted in an endless stream of I/O errors.

Then I got creative with office supplies. The plastic is there to provide a solid surface to take the pressure of spring-loaded connectors in the SATA plug so that there is a solid connection. So I folded up a post-it note and used some scissors to fashion a cushion that would take the place of the plastic and provide pressure to the contact points.

Mission successful! I have rsynced 60-something GB off of it to another drive.
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Mentally prepare yourself for the "brace yourselves" memes regarding the sojourner platinum medal that will happen in the next 24 hours!
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