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Jared Dudley. Keep talking about Kobe bruh I'm sure he's heartbroken u feel this way

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Just saying...

20 yrs ago today m.j came back. As a Knicks fan I vividly remember this day

Finally played The Order and ehh it's alright. Kind of boring. Postponed for a while for what?

Idk what's up with my watch... perfect for the first couple of months now while it connects to the Bluetooth it doesn't receive any notifications. I have to Uninstall the wear app and reinstall the wear app everytime I gotta use it

After the upgrade my 360 doesn't connect to my phone after I disconnect to charge it at night. Bluetooth says it's connected but I receive nothing. No more notifications no more texts calls emails sports updates. I have to erase motorola connect and android wear for it to work again. I don't get it

Texts stop coming thru on my moto 360. Phone calls still come thru and my scores to my teams but no more texts. Hangouts is still my default messages. Does messenger work/look any different or better on the moto 360? Anybody have any suggestions?

My Moto 360 stopped working today. Well not really not working but not recieving any kind of notifications. Never done this to me before. Still tells time and display works fine but it won't recognize my voice either, well it recognizes "ok google" but nothing after that the circle icon thing just keeps spinning. Restarted both my watch and phone and still nothing. Anybody have any suggestions?? Besides bring it back, because I like my watch.

What about a cloth strap like on the RL safari? I think it'd make the 360 a little rugged

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