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Alright... I need to get busy doing something productive today. The +Seattle Mariners are kinda letting me down right now. Maybe the +Seattle Sounders FC will do us proud tonight. In the meantime, maybe some prep work to paint the livingroom and hopefully get the screen door hung.

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Happy Birthday, Space Needle! Fifty years old!

Watching baseball and dreaming of the ocean tonight. I need a vacation.

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Help Me With My G+ Experiment

Its a simple experiment to prove the viral effect of popularity in G+ platform is much higher in comparison to Facebook.. I am currently under 5,000 people who are following me on both platforms.. I have posted the same thing on both social media and am waiting results: I like as many people as possible to share this post with as many of their circle in the next 24 hours. Once you share it, please also add me to your circle. (You can call the circle temporary and delete it after the experiment.. I am not hunting for followers)

The conclusion will prove which platform can create a better social viral awareness.. At the end of the experiment I will do a Press Release with the names of all the people who made this experiment possible. Lets test the power of true social media!!

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Beautiful evening...especially for February.

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Don't lets start...

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Good food, good beer, good company...good.

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Yep, snow. I'm not afraid of it. I grew up around it. I walked to school in it. I sledded in it. I played in it. I drove in it. I camped in it. I just really don't care for it, though. I'm happy that I mostly don't have to deal with it much anymore now that I live here. I'm happy to hear the rain falling again.
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C'mon Wyoming. Use the altitude to your benefit.

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