Can't help noticing this #fromthecartuesday (thanks +J. Rae Chipera) not only because it was parading ever so slowly, but boy, it was soooo SHINY it's well-placed for #mirrormonday +Mirror Monday (thanks +Gemma Costa). It sparkled and I thought...this is definitely somebody's #toytuesday +#ToyTuesday!!! or is this a bit of a stretch +Lars Clausen? ;-) And not just a #transporttuesday +TransportTuesday thanks to +Gene Bowker +Joe Paul +Steve Boyko and +Michael Earley . There's also a bit of #bokehtuesday +Bokeh Tuesday in there I think , thanks +Bob Baxley and #allthingsred +AllThingsRed thanks, +Lucille Galleli , it was a beautiful pearlescent candy apple red! First post of the day, goes out to #breakfastclub +Breakfast Club thank you Gemma Costa :) A late contribution to some of Monday's themes: #musclecarmonday , thank you +David Breazeale and #motorheadmonday thanks to +Miikka Antrell and #manlymondays thank you +Alan Shapiro +Mark Rodriguez +Kjetil Greger Pedersen +Barry Blanchard and +Dave Daniels. Lastly, half of the #fourwheeledfriday +Four Wheeled Friday thanks to +Akhil Kalsh +anne-marie Janssen and +Annelies Kroen #chevelle #chevy #musclecar #classic #classiccars . Happy Tuesday everyone!
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