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A small part of geek culture.

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This is obviously pro-gun, but more importantly anti-media. It shows why a big chunk of the population think the media and government are their enemies.

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It is legal to make your own guns. In this case he was selling the 80% lowers that needed additional work to become parts that need registration. He owned the CNC machine used and provided the c-code to finish the lower (only registered part of an AR-15). All the other parts can be ordered or sold legally without background checks. The customer put the part in the CNC machine and started it, but didn't own or have the skills to operate it independently.

He is being accused of manufacturing and selling unregistered firearms. He is obviously pushing the limits of what is legal, but I'd be interested to see how it plays out in court.

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The headline makes it look like a deliberate targeting of the bee by Trump. The truth is this listing is held up by a generic 60 day freeze on new regulations.

1st the article and especially the headline is poorly written and an example of bias.

2nd while there is a significant problem with bee population, listing as endangered opens the door to legal action by third parties. We don't know the cause of decline, but with suspicion ranging from pesticides to global warming, activists could cause significant economic disruption.

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It is hard not to speculate that if Hillary won, this wouldn't have happened. Money flows towards politicians in subtle ways. It would be interesting to see who invested in this hedge fund and who started pulling out after the election.

Bloomberg: Clinton Son-in-Law’s Hedge Fund Eaglevale Partners Closes.

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While most research points to a human effect on climate change for the last 250 odd years the political interest in the subject has obscured the science. This obstructionism will be used to discredit other viable studies.

My fear is we have a significant issue that will have to be dealt with over the next few centuries, but is being exploited to change tax structures modify education.

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Memory lane, in school from 1984-1988, so saw most of his SC career. My first game attended was SC vs Duke, coached by Spurrier. Guest Post: The Death of Joe Morrison, 28 Years Later.

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"Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the court's leading liberal, will turn 84 in March; Justice Anthony Kennedy, the court's so-called swing justice, is 80; and Justice Stephen Breyer, another of the liberal justices, is 78. So it is entirely possible that Trump could get two or three more appointments, leaving just two liberal justices on the court and providing conservatives with an overwhelming majority that could dramatically change the law for generations to come."

One of the few articles to actually do the math with the supreme court. Even with only a single term, the court could easily lean 7-2 conservative. With at least two decades before it could switch back.

Want more math? Look at the Senate 2018...,_2018
A lot can change, but with a mid-term and if Trump isn't a dumpster fire, the best the Democrats can hope for is to hold serve. They could easily lose 4-8 seats.

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This is another example of the press not having enough understanding of an issue to comment intelligently. This is the same Trident the United States uses in its Ohio class. It has a 96% success rate. Out of every 25 launches you'll have one failure. The point of deterrence is that if attacked by WMD, you can retaliate effectively. If only half the missiles in a British SSBN work they'll still kill 30 million people. The deterrence isn't effected even at 10x the actual failure rate. It may not be fake news to quote anti deterrence politicians without pointing out that occasionally complex devices fail, it's expected, happened before, and doesn't effect deterrence. Whether bias or ignorance, it shows a lack of balance and lack of journalistic standards.

CNN: US official confirms Trident missile failure.

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If you let him speak he destroys his own cause. By punching him his message that non-whites are thugs gets amplified.

Jezebel: Twitter Agrees: Violence Is Not the Answer, Unless You Punch A Nazi.

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Sometimes there are just moments when you have to be face to face.
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