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Working at CanAm and the People That I Meet
Where Are We Today  (click on pic to enlarge) Working At CanAm RV and the People
That I Meet Even though I officially retired last
year, I do work part time at CanAm RV, if you count doing a lot of talking
work. What do I really do? We call it "orientation"...

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Where Are We Today "The Ridge"  (click on pic to enlarge) PROJECTS As Chillin with Patsy   has mentioned in her posts, I
have had some projects on the go here at  " The Ridge". The first one didn't
work out quite right, so won't go into details, other than ...

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Bet You Thought I Fell Off The Face Of The Earth
Where Are We Today "The Ridge", Priceville,Ont  (click on pic to enlarge) Bet
You Thought I Fell Off The Face Of The Earth Well,
no I didn't, and if you follow Chillin' With Patsy, you would know that I'm
still around and kickin'. Being it has been awhile s...

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Where Are We Today " The Ridge "  (click on pic to enlarge) Yes we are home and I Know you
already know that because you read Pat's post daily. We are settling in here and gradually
setting up a little at a time. I have also decided to make trips back to Lo...

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Valve Replacement
Where Are We Today  (click on pic to enlarge) Although we are back in Ontario, we
are not quite home, home being our summer spot "The Ridge" near
Durham Ontario. At present we are at CanAm RV, tucked in  at the back of the lot while I do a couple of

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Okay, Okay....I Missed A Day!
Where Are We Today  (click on pic to enlarge) Grove Oklahoma Last night we kept an eye on the
weather fronts, especially the ones 90 miles to the south east as a couple of
tornadoes touched down. We still had clear skies with an expected cold front
coming i...

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Day Four.....Alright, Enough With the Rhymes
Where Are We Today  (click on pic to enlarge) El Reno Lucky Strike Casino After my post last night, we did get
some rain thru most of the night with some wind gusts in the 20 MPH range,
nothing to get excited about and slept well. Most of the day was cloudy...

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HeHeHe and Today Makes Three
Where Are We Today El Reno Ok.  (click on pic to enlarge) El Reno Ok. Last night we were in a Texas Travel
Center in Amarillo Tx. A nice spot on the east side of Amarillo that allows
overnight parking for trucks and RV. There was high wind and rain storm th...

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What Do You Know - Two In A Row
Where Are We Today Amarillo Texas  (click on pic to enlarge) What Do You Know Two Days In A Row Another travel day across I-40 East,
our goal today was Amarillo Tx. We headed out at 9:00 a.m. with bright blue
skies and light traffic. We stopped for fuel a c...

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Pat Said That I Should Write
Where Are We Today  (click on pic to enlarge) Pat Said I Should Write Yes , it has been some time since I
put something on my blog, but if you follow Pat's blog, HERE , you know exactly
what we are up to, where we have been, how we are doing, and why. So no...
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