The Mask of Inanna has won the 2012 Parsec Award in the Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Long Form) category at Dragon*Con.

This is the acceptance speech I had written up beforehand (in case I won):

Back in 2008, a friend of a friend, Neil Marsh of The Post-Meridian Radio Players, approached me about doing a show idea he had. I spent a year and a half writing scripts. At the end though, he said he wasn't sure we'd find someone to do the vast amount of post-production such a show would require. I asked him to teach me.

The Mask of Inanna has been a learning process for us all. For our amazing cast, including Andy Lebrun, Nellie Farrington, Doug Miller, and Katherine Bryant, all traditional theater actors, it involved learning to speed up their deliveries, eliminate their affectation and end their sentences on an up beat.

For our incredible support team, Emma Lathan, Lisa Sturgeon and Paul Dworkin, it involved learning to arrive at the church early Saturday mornings to clear out the Sunday School and put up the sound dampening blankets.

And for me, in this, my first jaunt into the auditory medium, it involving learning to slice through dialog in Audition on weekends and vacations, through hurricanes and blackouts. And for y'all, it involved learning to wait two months for the next episode. I know it's not traditional, but deep down, there isn't anything traditional about The Mask of Inanna.

From everyone at The Post-Meridian Radio Players, Theater at First and myself, thank you to hearing us learn. And rock out. And bedazzle. Thank you, Parsec judges and honored listeners, for this award. Thanks for listening. Let's do it again sometime.
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