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Hangouts Remote Desktop: tech support with a personal touch

For those of you who play tech support for friends and family, there’s now a Hangouts app to make things easier -- powered by the same technology behind Chrome Remote Desktop. 

Hangouts Remote Desktop lets you help others by controlling their computer remotely (with their permission, of course). And because you’re both in a Hangout, you can talk with and see each other during the session.

To get started, just start a Hangout and click View More Apps > Add Apps > Hangouts Remote Desktop. 

Let us know what you think, and please keep the feedback coming!

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HUGE issues with multiple displays.  I just did a test and saw that with 2 monitors it showed monitor 1 but allowed the mouse to move and select items from monitor 2.  With 3 monitors connected it did not do anything but screen share monitor 1.
I highly recommend installing the hangout app into parent's Chrome browsers to help get them to a hangout so you can help from there
I recommend that as well. Would be nice if there was a Chrome app that could run as a background process so that your PC would "ring" when invited. Like skype currently. 
Looking forward to simplifying the next tech support session with my family...  Thanks!
where can I get tech support from Google because this is the only place I can go on my brouser becuase i think i have a hijacker virus it keeps redirting me or it or ask for my password way too many times
No body tell my father about this.  He'll be getting me to fix his computer for him all the time!
As the family CTO, this is could be a hidden feature?
+Justin Fincher Yes, this needs to be hidden! I can see it now: "Gabby, what are all these boxes?! I'm on the internet and no matter how many I click, they don't go away!!" O.o
Hi Daniel, I'm able to view other person's desktop, but there is no control capability. How do I enable that?
Now THIS is a great feature, and I doubt facebook will be able to copy it, not for lack of knowledge, but for lack of knowledge by its users.
Now here is something we can all use.
Does it work between Mac and PC?
Awesome! I was thinking of this last night while working on a project with a buddy. FYI to everyone that didn't already know; you can also share your screen with someone through Google hangouts if you don't want them to actually have permission to control your desktop.
Does this work if the one needing support is on a Chromebook?  Remote control for them was still not working last time I checked (admittedly a little while back).
So I have to get dressed before fixing stuff now? What is this world coming to...
Wow.. That's cool :-) Thanks for sharing this app 
Awesome and incredibly useful.  Go Google!
We need much more quality apps for hangout
Will it work to remotely support a Chromebook too?
nifty tool +Daniel Caiafa ... i have a friend in florida (i live in spain) who helps me with my computer needs on a regular basis ... he used to live next door from me and is a computer genius ... we've been using other remote control tools after he moved to the states, but this is so much better ... ;-) ...
I wonder if they will make it able to do a remote desktop from device to device? I could fix my mom and dad's phone from anywhere.
not if its bricked do not ever use rom toolbox on your cell or anyones EVER...
Does anyone know if this will work on a Chromebook?
Like +Charles Hogge Add support for Dual screen plz ;)

Tranfert file, video quality is not enough for professionnal user. Bur for familly with One screen it's not bad at all ;)

Could you add Smartphone support with hangout apps ?
Seems glitchy. People have to add the app first for it to work in my experience. Also, apparently sometimes I am controlling a computer when for me it doesn't appear that I am.
+Kendric Beachey I just tested it going to a chromebook and it says the computer is not supported :(  Hopefully they get there soon.
This is really cool.  But I keep using the OS shortcut key to close a window on the remote computer which closes MY Chrome window and drops me out of the shared session.  It happens to me every time.  I can't help myself!
Does anyone know if Hangouts will be plugin-free and based on WebRTC anytime soon (this year)?
I like this. But for those who don't use Google services (even those who do), it's always been a pain just to get to this point. Google is very disjointed and confusing in this regard. Make the setup/login process for any person seeking IT help easier. I mean, they do need help ;)
has anyone actually tested this on a chromebook?  there is another forum that says this does not work on chromebook. 
uggghh.  that's what we all want to do - remotely control the chromebooks we have given out.  so chromebooks are still crippled devices.
thanks for your reply.
Yeah, same here, hopefully they are working on adding it.  It definitely needs some work.  It also doesn't play nicely with remoting into a machine with multiple monitors.
Great stuff. Thats why we love google
+Daniel Caiafa   So I tried it with a friend and we connected via the app but I never gained control, just saw his screen that supposed to happen?
This is a great feature!!
brilliant!  installing immediately!  from someone that teaches software this is invaluable!
Amazing stuff & a complete teamviewer and real vnc killer...............
This is truly awesome! +Daniel Caiafa is there a full screen mode in the planning? Then it would be perfect! 
Just discovered this and it's AWESOME. So excited. Thank you!
Zach W.
Just to be certain: this works on Mac-based computers as well?