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Hangouts Remote Desktop: tech support with a personal touch

For those of you who play tech support for friends and family, there’s now a Hangouts app to make things easier -- powered by the same technology behind Chrome Remote Desktop. 

Hangouts Remote Desktop lets you help others by controlling their computer remotely (with their permission, of course). And because you’re both in a Hangout, you can talk with and see each other during the session.

To get started, just start a Hangout and click View More Apps > Add Apps > Hangouts Remote Desktop. 

Let us know what you think, and please keep the feedback coming!

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I watched the last UFC (159); the first I in a long, long time. One broken foot, a broken hand, and a gouged eye (!). All of these incidents captured in gruesome, painful HD. After witnessing the latter, I had to ask: what am I doing here?

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Some piano recordings I made over the years. Quality is variable, some of them make me cringe! :)

These are in FLAC format. If your computer can't play them, install VLC Media Player: . Feel free to download and share these files!

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'nuff said

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I'm in. Where do I sign?
"Every year, $4 billion of your tax dollars go to subsidizing the oil industry. These are the same companies making record profits - tens of billions of dollars a year. I don't think oil companies need more corporate welfare. Congress should end this taxpayer giveaway. If you agree with me, I'm asking you to email, call or tweet your representative. Tell them to stop fighting for oil companies. Tell them to start fighting for working families." - President Obama

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