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David Riley
disabed vet who suffers from PTSD
disabed vet who suffers from PTSD


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,Check out "The Navy SEALs: Their Untold Story" on Netflix

I want to join your group to let you in on what I have found. My blog started innocently enough but it caused me to tell things I should not have told. Now, you are gonna get the whole story.  theglogmeister

enjoy my blog. I have been  playing for too long. I will take you to a place you will never believe someone could make it through, with some sanity left.

There is a good reason that the GOP wants to win, badly. Otherwise, how will Mitt pay back his top 8 donors, which are banks. Look it up. Why do you think the Republican AG's across this country are trying to change the voting laws? Well, it is not gonna work. The higher courts are shooting them down. Obama will win!

I did not know that you had added me to tour cicle. Well, I added you , so, we can talk more. Thanks ,Spotdog

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