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LearnNowDev – Dev Apps C# 2008: Enterprise, Mobile, and Security
This course moves your development skills even further beyond the basics, starting with learning how to extend Visual Studio 2008 and handling issues you will encounter with multiple versions of assemblies and applications. You will learn to create and debu...

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Pluralsight – C++ Advanced Topics
Once you know the basic of C++ syntax and what the Standard Library offers you, it’s time to establish whether you’re writing good code or not. Modern C++ is expressive, readable, fast, and secure. In most cases the faster thing to do is also the easier...

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TekPub – C# Design Strategies
This production is In Process which means we are actively recording new episodes. There are 10-12 episodes planned, currently, but there might be more. In this advanced series, Jon Skeet (of Stack Overflow fame) dives into various strategies and patterns yo...

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Video2Brain – Professional C# Part2
Learning object-oriented programming is an obstacle that many beginning developers struggle with, and for good reason: It involves getting your head around a whole new approach to solving problems. In this workshop, professional developer Edward Tanguay tea...

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Video2Brain – Professional C# Part1
The C# language has evolved tremendously over the past ten years and if you are going to master it you’ll need to learn many aspects of this rich technology. In this workshop, professional developer Edward Tanguay begins with the basics that you will reco...

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J2EE For Developers
Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is Sun Microsystems’ platform for developing multi-tier enterprise applications. In the J2EE for Developers course from LearnKey, expert instructor Campbell Gunn shows anyone with basic programming experience how to build and...

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TekPub – Mastering C# 4.0 with Jon Skeet
If you’re just learning Microsoft’s flagship language – or if you’ve been at it for years – this production will teach you a lot. Jon Skeet is well-known as the “Chuck Norris” of with inhuman skills when it comes to answering questions abo...

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Lynda - Data-Driven Presentations with Excel and PowerPoint
Learn how to drive your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with data
straight from the source—Excel. Gini Courter first shows you how to use
conditional formatting to highlight important data, summarize data with
PivotTables, and visualize your data with...

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 41
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