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Great tool for small teams!

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Latest Yellow Pages Canada website: Shopwise #yellowpages #flyers   #deals  

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Extremely thorough article covering things you may not even think about. SO MUCH WIN IN HERE!

If you haven't invested 30mins of your life reading this article on +Search Engine Land by +Trond Lyngbø, I strongly recommend that you do now. There are loads of great take-aways - here are 3 of my favourites:

▶ Recycling URLs to preserve link juice (particularly handy if your products get updated to newer models periodically)
▶ Encouraging user-generated content to help you get unique content across large product ranges without having to re-write 000's of product descriptions manually
▶ Appeal to emotions when writing product descriptions - understand the mindset of your customers
▶ Utilise social media for "social proof" - show shoppers that others are already enjoying your products
▶ Track internal site searches in Analytics (instructions here:
▶ Don't just use standard manufacturer images - split test alternative images for conversion

There are loads of other great stuff in here so please check it out - thank me later!

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So it's possible get Authorship AND recipe micro format.

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An ubiased view of the F.T.C. decision.

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Devines la marque derrière ce stunt.

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