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Read on for a suggestion how you can make Inbound more cool.

Enlarged Circle of Inbound Members
A few months back I originally shared out this Circle of the top 50 Inbound members.

Of course the list changes and so does the opportunity to welcome new people to inbound.org

The enlarged Circle is contained here although note it is only visible/manageable from a full PC/Mac browser and not from mobile access.

The Fat slice challenge
Since the January launch of Inbound.org I've been interested in the share pie evolution of the community mmkt.in/inboundsharepie

The largest category at launch and therefore segment of that pie was, unsurprisngly, SEO.

It has since shrunk from it's peak of 29% as a proportion of the overall category pie.

Alas these are not Karma weighted share of categories, just simple submission arithmetic, however I still think it would be cool to see that dominating proportion shrink more so as other content categories become populated by new contributors.

And that's the point of this post on Google Plus: Everyone can attract a new member. Allow me to suggest how.

Tag 'n Tell to Outreach Inbound
So here's the deal. Do you want to see more cool content on inbound.org ?

Want to see more content from new contributors?

More content diversity, and not just the usual suspects or sources?

If yes, then let's play as follows.

1. Comment here and briefly explain how Inbound has made a difference to you. Maybe it's a technique that you have applied or benefitted from. Perhaps an awesome discovery, person, company, case study, Hottest item, whatever that has really moved the needle for you or your clients. Something that made you go YES!

2. Tag at least two people who you think are not yet active on inbound.org People who you think would make brilliant contributors. Other marketers who create or share amazing stuff. This is their invitation to join in so everyone can win.

Twitter List
Finally, if Google Plus is not yet floating your boat (hell WTF not?) here is a public Twitter list from the top 50 Inbound members: mmkt.in/inbounders

So here goes, this is my Tag 'n Tell for Inbound Outreach:

1. I've made some fantastic introductions via Inbound with some fine minds and now have an excellent noise filter to draw on. Thank you to all of you. One post that totally caught my imagination from +Chris Dyson was the technique: Using an Email from Google+ to Update a WordPress Blog.

2. Tagging +Paul Fabretti +Kelvin Newman +Paul Sutton

p.s The more observant of you may notice this post conforms to Google Plus' new Asynchronous Post Rank Incoming Logic - that's an experimental criteria to guarantee higher and permanent visibility within the Google Plus stream. The effect is visible when you Share the post.

Go ahead and try it with the Share link below and pls do your 1 & 2.
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