Here is a #gplus Circle of the Top 50 Members of This Circle is manually created from as of 20th February 2012. Ideally I would prefer to see, in addition to this, at least an all Members circle but that's not possible based on the available public information.

On the whole I've been pretty stoked about the content shared by the Community which supplements, albeit overlaps a little, with Twitter, although I do confess I was hopeful of more debate in the threads.

Personally I find that the composition of the share pie still leans too much towards pure SEO (at 29%) although that's understandable based on the seed list.

However it is somewhat short on those areas that so much pro SEO opinion has deemed important in 2012+ I'm referring to the Categories of Video, Local, Mobile.

I think it would also be welcome for Members to exert their attraction charms to bring other marketing professionals onboard in those categories where the numbers are relatively low.

I'm hopeful the Community will evolve onwards & upwards as will the functions and integrations of the site.

Thanks to all of you.

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This is pure awesome Paul, thanks! I also love that Google docs spreadsheet you put together, if anyone let's you know how to set it to auto refresh please let me know.
I can't wait to be in this circle!
Thanks Paul! Proud to be one of the 3 ladies on the list. :)
Great Idea Paul (one I wish I had thought of myself),

I have to agree with you on the debate on some of the threads there have only been about 5 submissions that have actually generated more than 30 comments (and 3 of those are specific community announcements or community guidelines).

The two most popular non Inbound centric articles so far have been by +Joel Klettke SEO Needs an Anti-Hero ( and another post from the same blog Secret Diary of an Inbound Marketer (
It may seem that way as there are only a handful of people actively taking part in the community discussions

I suppose it all comes back to the way Karma is calculated, at the moment you only receive +1 for each up-vote you receive on a submission or comment. People are submitting more content rather than having a discussion about the content. If the moderators could give bonus Karma for great comments similar to +Seomoz that may go some way to help. To be honest, I'm sure someone who understands the importance of a community like +Rand Fishkin already has a few ideas.
We've got a bunch... But unfortunately, not a ton of time to devote to the project. That said, +Dharmesh Shah and I are definitely thinking of some ways to boost engagement. More participants is one, but higher karma for comments may be another. Thanks +Chris Dyson, +Paul Gailey Alburquerque and everyone in this thread.
Speaking of which, if you or someone you know is an awesome PHP developer that knows WordPress and would be passionate about this, +Rand Fishkin and I are looking for some help.
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