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The paradox of the fat pipe
Of course modern fibre broadband is a hair width of fibre glass encased in a pen diameter sheath of protection and kevlar.

This is the process how it it precision fused together as the Telefónica subcontractor (previously a waiter) installs my long overdue fibre broadband.

That Japanese machine is some €3k of kit that melts the ends together and measures the signal loss. Includes a diamond cutter to obtain flat cuts of imperceptibly thin fibre glass.

More than 300mb comes down that line which is then software throttled to about 35mb asymmetrical.

The installers get this competitive joy when the fusion readings of the machine show zero loss. Here he repeated it because he forgot to apply the sheath which is then melded over the join again.

Until now I had, at most, upload speeds at home of 800kb and download of max 2mb which meant freezing of any stream TV viewing and inability to handle large files for work.

So this is going to free up years of my hourglass life!

Only downside was a 2 month wait for a delayed installation and a blocked Street and neighbour wall pipe which meant having to aerially sling a line from top of house across garden to telegraph pole. And even now I'm still not set as it needs a second in home installation from my telco. 
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I'm not buying a Windows PC tomorrow. 😡

Don't ever shorten it as WIN. 
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The only time I've seen BSOD in years has been related to drive or board failure. Every OS is going to kick off in some way in those situations. I do like chromebooks too though

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Another stint today in full demo and exhibition mode at #appsworld London. I'm exhibiting with Streye and +Droiders​ at the Indie Gaming Zone in London. Drop by for VR, AR and Glassware and a radical streaming prototype wearable unveiled like no other. I'm also London available Friday. 
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Tsavo has discovered David Attenborough and is mesmerised by artic rabbits. 
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Alas, this is partly Google Plus but without the stigma. 
Google has launched a new tool called About me that lets you see, edit, and remove the personal information that the company's services show to other users. Google confirmed to VentureBeat that the feature started rolling out to users this week.
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There's a link in the article from +Michael Rosenblum​ to the same video on YouTube of me about the Theta S filmed from the that same Theta S in 360° You can then see my colleague also filming the event in the same room in the bowels of The Guardian with a GoPro.

Infact the whole thing resembles one of those spaghetti western triangular Eastwood standoffs with everyone in the room pointing a camera towards each other in some kind of post cluetrain manifesto digital film episode.

Lovely little camera . #gplus 
Video: Paul Gaily Albuquerque shows us the new Theta S camera for 360 degree and VR video.
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19 million page views today, 6.5m unique browsers.. 
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I confess, my moment of geek fandom Glass style today, having a one to one with Babak Parviz, now of Amazon, he previously led Glass from inception till 2013 at #appsworld London today.... What tickles his tech curiosity bone these days? "Medical robotics"
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Babak is a great guy.  Glad you got some time with him.
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This is where I am the next 2 days, can I get more precise?.... The funky purple carpeted area with shed loads of Cardboard like our shiny new branded v2 cross OS ones with precision Japanese lenses, ooh...

Visit us to discover which Premier League Club has taken the mobile VR plunge and play #awhunt from tomorrow (mostly twitter!) at and during Apps World in London Excel to win over £1300 of prizes. 
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+Dan Root cool. note, im on my uk mobile +44 7549 984 245
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Peace out
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wow, nothing like a misconstrued comment on a thread, by a Googler to get the internet into an all too unnecessary lather......

We can have our cake and eat it....i just see this as a UX rework, I cannot see that Hangouts team would drop the functionality they have concealed behind more three dots menus.
Today, we’re introducing a new calling experience for Hangouts on the web that loads more quickly, renders video more sharply, and streamlines the interface so you can focus less on where to click and more on what to say. We’ve been using this new calling experience at Google for a while now. It’s early days, but we hope you like it as much as we do. (Note: This is not available for Google Apps for Work customers.) 

Key changes include:
 • Calls that start faster and stay crisper, with higher quality video
 • A more streamlined and immersive full-screen interface
 • A simpler way to invite friends and family to your calls

If you want to go back to the version of Hangouts you’re used to, visit or click the menu at the top right and choose “Original version.” 

We’ll be rolling out to a small group of users starting today and expanding globally in the days ahead. Keep an eye out and tell us what you think!
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I've been a digital pro since moving from international media planning and buying in the 90's to managing online projects both agency and clientside.

I joined Droiders in 2013 to direct inbound Glassware marketing for brands - that means I work with highly specialist programmers at an agency, developing Apps for Google Glass, and market them to forward thinking brands.


Father to two lovely children (boy/girl 11 & 5) and married to the love of my life


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I'm increasingly using Google Plus.

I tend to operate with a few principles across all social media.

In the case of Google Plus: I take a few _seconds_ to evaluate people who Circle/Follow me and generally speaking I apply these principles:
  • If your avatar photo is not your face I am unlikely to circle you
  • If you don't have any posts showing I won't circle you - you know you can change that right?
  • If you display your +1's and don't just +1 your own stuff and I think you're interesting, I am likely to follow you
  • If you don't link to your other social profiles I am unlikely to follow you 
  • If you only post images I am unlikely to circle you
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  • If you are inactive for more than 2 weeks I am unlikely to circle you
  • If you mix work and pleasure I am more likely to follow you
  • If you participate in other conversations I am more likely to follow you
  • I post in english and spanish and increasingly use Google Plus to manage that in Circles
  • Sometimes I will post in Public in one language, if that bothers you, you can uncircle me
I will update this bio with more context pretty soon. - thank you and good day!
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Starred opposite Harrison Ford in Presumed Innocent:
Marketing Consultant
Inbound SEO and effective online marketing
  • Droiders
    International Marketing, 2013 - present
    Inbound Glassware for Brands - marketing Google Glass Apps for forward thinking decision makers
  • Consultant
    Inbound marketing, 2007 - 2013
    SEO, CRO, PPC, UX, Email marketing, Analytics, web development and more, inhouse and agency side directing projects for measurable business value.
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Always something techy weird to tempt you. Don't expect bargains.
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Soleado y un techo tremendo. Cuidado que no te pille la conexión de vuelo al otro extremo. Andarás mucho.
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Massive. Food better than other places though don't expect bargains. Slightly annoying toilets are not on same level as conference halls.
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Comfy modern pub, good escape after a day on the trade floor. Entrance is possible via shared concourse area of Starbucks. Could benefit from cloakroom given the clientele.
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73 reviews
Buen tamaño, decoración, y selección de tiendas aunque se nota la pérdida de Saturn (tecnología).
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I found the platform signage unclear.
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Decent option for the area. Buffet breakfast and relax lounge. Comfy beds. Could do better on whisky selection.
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