Should Brands in the UAE try to have better control of their social media activities?

Social media has become one of the most important tool in the marketing mix for developing and implementing successful marketing plans. People in UAE is spending more and more time in social Media activities and this has become new life style. Social media if implemented strategically it can really get your brand total web domination cost effectively.

Managing a brand on social media can be tedious and daunting to a lot of companies, but a truly complete social media service should allow brands not only to easily distribute content on social media channels also gather insights about a business community online and help them understand how to manage their relationship with the audience in order to increase their level of engagement and therefore the return on that engagement. It also helps to collect diverse information depending on the department within the organization using the tool (marketing, communication, customer service, and R&D). Whether maximizing content production, optimizing customer service, increasing ROI, drive traffic or measuring performance, a social media tool or service should allow different departments to find and manage information useful to them.
Once a business has developed their social media pages such as Facebook page properly and have managed to gain a large number of fans and is regularly engaging with their community, the task of successful social media marketing becomes less daunting. The main focus of any social media campaign is:
• Optimizing conversation monitoring
• Increasing user engagement
Creating innovative social campaigns to drive user acquisition is made more effective by getting appropriate support and training for a business to optimize their use of the platform with the help of a customer service team or certified partner. A good social media consultant or service will support and educate their clients also.
The aim of your digital service provider is to create social media campaigns  increase the number of fans and more importantly to convert them into customers. These insights can be useful if you manage your social media in-house as well and also: Stay in tune with your business community, Empower all of your departments to benefit from social media, and educate your team on how to spread your message.
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