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Mark Lucas
Life is short and time is important. Have fun, work hard and do something amazing, that you love.
Life is short and time is important. Have fun, work hard and do something amazing, that you love.

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Slick tool that quickly converts PDF's and Office documents to HTML5...

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A Panel of Security experts say perimeter based defenses are out of date and need a re-think.

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One of many amazing #HTML5 projects. With so many new and exciting possibilities, How will you use HTML5?

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This is a great starting point for anyone interested in a startup. Enjoy.

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Some great perspectives here to why the team and I @ are so committed to our startup. We are creating a platform that enables everyday users like you and I to get more value from sharing personal data with those who want it. Our app will make it easy to anonymously leverage and monetize personal data including location, likes, interests and intent to get more relevant and meaningful deals, offers or ads. The best part is, you own your data so you get paid when its used. How is that for turning the tables.

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I started thinking today about the size, and strength of the web/internet economy as a whole. Of course this led to more research into trying to find out the actual amount of revenue that the Internet economy brings in yearly. Some initial digging (google mostly) didn't turn up a good answer.

Some old Forester research turns up from 99 giving 2003 predictions of 1.3 trillion and some other flaky reports putting 2003 at 2.8 trillion.

Then I found in the attached link that the U.S government most likely has the figures I am curious about (Somewhere). I cant seem to find any published information. Now I am kind of curious to know what type of numbers (actual revenue not projected) we are talking about.

Anyone seen or have any idea where to find this type of data?

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Great post. I believe highlighting your own failures as a leader can help your employees take more risks, push the boundaries of their own skills and ultimately develop the Entrepreneurial traits that enable leaders to become leaders.

If everyone was afraid to fail, human progress itself would be a giant failure.

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Today our 10 Billion app downloads celebration continues with a new set of premium apps available for just 10 cents (or ~90% off in your local currency) for the next 24 hours. Enter the Fruit Ninja dojo to hone your produce slashing skills, shoot for par (or sink some birdies) with Flick Golf and snag some Beautiful Widgets to make your home screen just a little more homey:

AirSync by DoubleTwist:
Beautiful Widgets:
Bernstein Bears Bedtime Battle:
Christmas HD:
Flick Golf:
Fruit Ninja:
NFL Rivals:
Read it Later Pro:
Reckless Racing:
Star Chart:

Big thanks to +Ludovic Vialle, CEO/founder of LevelUp Studio and the man behind all those Beautiful Widgets, for the video:
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