It is time to announce the 5th Annual Enlightened Appreciation Day! Most of you know how this is done but for anyone who doesn't I will explain.

This year it will fall upon the third Saturday in March. As always, this is a chance for everyone to get out and show their appreciation toward the Enlightened for continuing to fight for humanity's freedom from the N'Zeer and their Resistance pawns. Even those who aren't directly involved in the struggle can join in. How? Quite simple. Just wear green. A little or a lot. Just wear it out in public on the third Saturday of March and the Enlightened will know you wear it to show your support and thanks for all the do. Even the members of the Resistance can do the same, show that the N'Zeer don't completely control your mind.

Remember-wearing green on the third Saturday of March equals support of the Enlightened. We have always had a great turnout and we expect this year to be just as good!

#Ingress #Enlightened
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