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Michael Larsen
Software Testing OCD... or so it would seem :).
Software Testing OCD... or so it would seem :).

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Aedificamus: Temptation Bunding and Topping Out
I've been taking part in an interesting experiment over the past year and a half, give or take a few weeks. If you are reading this post, you've already seen the "Aedificamus" in the title. That means this is a post about health, fitness, and my often fumbl...

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Aedificamus: The Value of Continuous Feedback
One thing I owe my readers is a full review of LoseIt. I keep saying I'm going to do one, but each time I try to get into it, I find the review keeps getting longer and more detailed. For those willing to wait for that, I'll plan to post it by the end of th...

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Everything Old is New Again: Adventures in Khan Academy
One of the things I decided I wanted to do more of back in December (remember, I don't do New Year's Resolutions, I try to ingrain habits before January 1st whenever possible ;) ) was to look back at the areas of my knowledge that I once knew or learned, bu...

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Water Flowing Underground
Well, it's the end of another eventful year. Much has happened, I've been involved in many interesting endeavors, and I've learned a lot about myself this year. This was a topsy-turvy year for many, both in the pop culture and political sense. It seems for ...

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Adventures in Empathy - Simulating mild vision loss with the Cambridge Inclusive Design Toolkit
Last year, I spent a fair amount of my presentation time talking about ideas behind Inclusive Design, and how the both enhance and help contribute to performing Accessibility testing. One of the resources I suggested was the Inclusive Design Toolkit develop...

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Adventures in Tautology - What Makes a Tester a Tester?
The latest The Testing Show has been released , and with it, some interesting thoughts and comments have been spinning through my head since we recorded this episode. For a number of organizations, the "tester" as we have long identified them, is going away...

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Start Making Sense with Sensemaking - a #TheTestingShow Follow-up
One of the primary reasons that my blog is not as frequently updated as in the past is that I have been putting time into producing The Testing Show . Granted, I could do a quick edit, post the audio and be done with it, but we as a team made the decision w...

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The Humans In the Machine - Talking Machine Learning
This weekend was one of the more interesting Weekend Testing Americas sessions I've hosted. Hurricane Matthew was making itself known and people were dealing with getting in and out of a broad section of the Southeastern United States on Saturday, as well a...

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In That Moment of Terror, Evolution Occurs
There has been much of interest in my day job as of late. Much to keep me busy, much to ponder and consider, and definitely wondering "where do we go from here?" In the course of the past two weeks, we've received the news of two, frankly, heavy departures ...

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This Week on #TheTestingShow: Real Work vs Bureaucratic Silliness
I have come to realize that I am terrible in the shameless self promotion department. I have been actively involved the past several months with producing and packaging "The Testing Show", but I've not been very good about talking about it here. Usually, I ...
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