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Just got my invite - brilliant idea, this is gonna be huge!
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Damm it, Google+ for iPhone constantly crashing on iOS5. Strangely not showing up at all on the AppStore on iPad (not even as iPhone App)?!
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No mention of Bootcamp on the OSX Lion page? Does that mean it's .... gone? Anyone already upgraded that can let me know the current version coming with Lion?
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Time to stop all these Google+ bad/good/missing/switching/Facebook/when/howto stuff and switch to "just-use-it-mode"
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Badly researched article on german Stern magazine entitled "10 things Google+ is still missing to compete against Facebook"... You may want to use Google Translate or similar to read it in English.

My opion on the 10 things

1. Post to friend lists always worked for me on Facebook and i'm using it ever since
2. If that's missing what are those notifcations for then? Regarding the "quitters": i never cared, not even on Twitter.
3. iPhone/BlackBerry App would be nice, but what's wrong with using you mobile's browser for G+?
4. Missing search features: fully agreed
5. Post from Twitter to G+: yeah,hmmm,well,maybe
6. Import friends from Facebook: useful to get started on G+, but not really necessary
7. Block "problematical" content: i don't follow people that post this kinda things
8. Simply wrong! "Everything is searchable via Google"? Sure, don't post it public then!
9. A notification when you post something public and not to selected circles? Maybe i'm wrong but there is no default setting, you have to pick "public" before you can post public.
10. UI Customizations? Colors, fonts, background music? Who cares?

My add-ons:
1.Have an auto-save feature like in Google Docs when editing a new post... Firefox just crashed when i was writing this.
2. Where is that mini WYSIWYG editor gone when editing a post? Wasn't there one some days ago to use formatting like bold/italic?
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