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The new SideStix Icon!

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A video of our testing process - check out what a pair of SideStix can handle!

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Watch for this to be the biggest story at the Olympics this summer!
Oscar Pistorius - The Blade Runner

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An unbiased Sidestix review from ActiveMSers. Lots of interesting points!

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10 Tips To Growing Up As An #Amputee presented by the Amputee Coalition!

"A Change of Perspective Gives Way to Pain Free Adventure..."
by Kerith Perreur-Lloyd

We recently filmed a follow-up segment with Bruce Croxon (our‘dragon’).

I won’t reveal the specific details – because that would spoil the surprise,suffice it to say that Sarah, Bruce & myself all used SideStix and went ona pretty arduous hike!
This was the first time that I had used SideStix for an extended period of time, and even though my knees always hurt after a long hike – I was convinced that traditional hiking poles were ‘good enough’ for me.

The revelation that I had during (and after!) this particular hike, was that my knees didn’t hurt, andI realized that SideStix are tools that can help me enjoy an activity that I love by spreading the load to my upper body. By allowing me to significantly reduce the weight on my knees, the pain that traditionally ‘accompanied’ me during and after a hike – was nowhere to be found!

Now it feels completely natural for me to ‘Pick up my Stix’ to go on a hike…it just took a little‘mental adjustment’ to consider SideStix as a tool – not a ‘crutch’.
If you ever want to try some SideStix to take the load off your knees, we would be happy to send some to you, and as we have a 30 day money back guarantee, you can always return them, if you find that they don’t work for you.

It’s worth asking yourself the same question that Dave Troughton, a Physiotherapist from Victoria, BC, asks his clients “Do you want to walk farther and in less pain?” SideStix allows you to fully weight bear while positioning and dampening your joints for protection.
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