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We are our deeds
We are our deeds


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Here is a quick Krampuslauf survival guide:
1. Try on your costume before you get on site (Like TODAY) make sure you can see make, sure your pieces fit and aren’t terribly uncomfortable. If you wear glasses make sure they work with you’re your mask or wear contacts. There will always be parts of a co...

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The Waffle Analogy
I know that I'm committing Social Justice heresy, and I'm going to be unfriended by people... But think about it we are all struggling in our own boxes. Think of it like a waffle, we are in our own square. We have Black Lives Matter, gay people, trans peopl...

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Midsummer un Dingsege
Happy Midsummer... it's 114 degrees outside currently... Summer is beyond here! This rite is a time to honor Sunna, Ziu(Tyr), Volla, Voll (Twin siblings to Frigg), Vorsetzer (Forseti) {son of Balder}. Oddly the fact today is the time of the Thing, really fi...

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Tales from the Hearse
So I own a hearse, and what follows are some tales of hearse adventure. This passed weekend while  driving the hearse on the way to N. Mountain park some guy held his fingers up making the sign of the cross (with a big grin on his face). Then on the way bac...

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Oschdre a.k.a. Ostara
^ Our Altar ^ Yesterday was the second public Urglaawe ritual that I participated in, I lead this one. I'm alive to write this, so the gods must not have been too displeased. The rite we did was to the Oschdre, which for the practitioners of Urglaawe, is a ...

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Der Butzemann!
Argh so overwhelmed! Feeling like this honoring the year through Urglaawe is a bad idea! Must make piacular offerings so none of the Gods rip out vital organs... A little background here I suppose, I'm sort of stumbling through this all but I posted on Febr...

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Late Grundsaudaag! ARGH!
So, Imbolg completed for the Grove... but unfortunately I have not prepared for Grundsaudaag! Blargh! I'm hoping to pull something together for this weekend. Here's kind of the idea of what's going on... but it kind of appears that my usual Urglaawe resourc...

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Sometimes it would be better if I was a...
Drag Queen... They have all the best stuff, and those boys can do make up better than any woman I know! I love Drag Queens, I loved the movie,  To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar . Right now however I'm questioning how the great FB can decide t...

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Still here...Urglaawe??
Yep, I'm still here, no FB yet. I guess this is a form of social media isn't it. Regardless, I just spent the morning creating  calendar, of my hearse and hearse related adventures. It was pretty fun to look back at my pictures from last year and make somet...

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Whats in a name?
So even though the drag queens won, FaceBook is requesting my real name... Sh!t, Skullarix is as real a name as any I go by. I don't want to give it to them. However now that I've spent about two days with out said FB, I am really realizing how isolating it...
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