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This is a really interesting app that lets you search the climate anywhere on earth. Rainfall, sunshine and temperature can all be measured for each month.

You can also share with a host of services including Google+.

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This app is incompatible with all of your devices. Good job, Microsoft :P
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Google Camera now works with Android Wear. How super is that. The camera app has to be open and it has to be the Google Camera.

#Android #AndroidWear 
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Phones and Tablets must be charged for UK flights

The recent travel advice for those visiting the US is now updated for flights to and from the UK. There is no news on which routes are said to be at risk but if you want to take you device in or out of the UK on a plane, you'll need it charged so you can turn it on at security.

It'll no doubt cause havoc at airports but better that than what could happen. It's all in response to the scary developments that are in play as you read this.

Before you get to the airport make sure you've charged your tablet, phone or laptop up and have them ready for inspection, if you don't then kiss them goodbye.

For more info head over to the DOT website -


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+Phil Park Have a safe flight 
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Google Now gets better and better with what's on TV being the latest new tool.

Google Calendar also helps me keep up with the TV, my TV calendar is great for making sure I don't miss what's on.
App update - Google Search

I think this later update has been knocking around in the US for a while, I've even seen some in the UK being told by Google Now what's on TV and with this update it should be available for everyone.

Included with the update is a feature that lets you set an alarm so you don't miss your stop on public transport. Handy if you get lost in film or buried in a book, you might even be staring out of the window.

The update is live now.

#Android #GoogleNow
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No, it listens to any TV. 
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Android UK News etc

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You have a missed call

The LG G Watch has gone on sale in the UK and you can grab it from Clove Technology and Google Play among others.

Looks nice with a different coloured strap. Have you got yours yet?
The LG G Watch and +HulloMail working well together.

Had to swap the strap for something a little more colourful though.

#AndroidWear #Android #LGGWatch
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J Ril
how big are these things? Or is there any physical shops that sell them? I think a chunky watch would look silly on me, with my skinny wrists ha!
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What apps would you like to see with support for Android Wear. Me, I'd like to see +Endomondo .
That did say coming 7/7 before the update. Guess apps are on the way.

#Android #AndroidWear
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Sunrise ,, any do,,
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Android UK News etc

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Could Google pay you for your data

Your data is worth quite a bit of money. Just think about your web searches and other usage, there is a gold mine in your hands.

In a study backed by Google a group of people were handed a smartphone and a 60 day auction was held where those taking part decided how much they thought the data data was worth.

It seems that they came up with £580 over a year and that would probably be in the form of Google Play credit.

You can read a bit more over on +Sky News who deemed it appropriate to use an iPhone with a picture of Google Maps.

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Can I sell my Samsung Galaxie Young here? .Brand new
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Chromecast now allows screen mirroring

Hurrah, you can now mirror your devices screen to your TV via the latest update to the Chromecast app that should be hitting Google Play around about now.

Google Earth will look great, snaps of your holiday or whizz anything from your small screen to the big one. The update will be available over the next few days, the apk file will probably be available in a few hours.

As for devices that can use the new update those of you with a Nexus 4, 5 and 7 along with the Galaxy S4, 5, Note 3, 10.1 2014 and others can actually make any use of it. Nexus owners can toggle the option by going to Settings>Display>Cast Screen.

For more info head over to the Chrome support page -

#Android #Chromecast

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+Cody Diehl OK. Thanks. 
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OK Google, what's on my TV?

Give it a go on the off chance you don't know what it is you're watching.

#Android #GoogleNow
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+John Shambrook you are thinking of the "ok Google" from any app or home page. The TV function works from the UK setup just fine. 
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What apps have you found for you Android Wear device?

Here are a couple that you might find useful.
Here are a couple of apps you may find useful for your new clever little watch.

Android Wear alerts you if your phone and watch go out of range. It vibrates and a notification appears on your watch face.

Get it here -

ViewRanger is also said to have compatibility with Android Wear, a app that the outdoor type will find useful for walking, cycling and other activities.

You'll find that here -

Any other apps that you've found?

#AndroidWear #Android

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Here are a few apps that have been updated with Android Wear support. In the mix we have The Guardian, Pinterest and for regular flyers both American Airlines and Delta have added support.

To take a look at some of the apps with support, take a visit to this link -

#AndroidApps #Android #AndroidWear
Introducing the first apps for Android Wear!

Now you can order dinner, take a note, send a message, check your flight, or even learn a language right on your Android Wear device. Check out some examples in the album below, or head to Google Play see the full selection of apps now available for Android Wear (with many more to come!):

#androidwear #androidapps
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Who's all excited?
Google have dropped the Android Wear app in Google Play for one and all. If you're expecting a watch through the door in the next few days looks like you'll be able to get involved.

Those of you with the app already installed, you should notice an update. No word on what that update is but a picture of the LG G Watch appears to the top where it was blue previously.

#Android #AndroidWear #LGGWatch
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My existing "dumb" watch may have an unfortunate accident shortly after the Moto 360 is available.
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