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Happy St Georges Day to all of you out there who mark it with pride.

Happy St. George's Day

Today a special #GoogleDoodle celebrates St. George's Day - a special day for England and English people living around the world.

The #Doodle on features Saint George on horseback confronting a dragon.

You can find #StGeorgesDay photographs, blogposts and stories on Google+ by clicking on the hashtag - and learn more about the history of England and the celebrations by clicking here:

Search on.

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In the UK and own a Chromecast?

If you do, look what I came across this morning from Google UK, free Google Play credit!

If you are yet to get one, buy or reserve one from PC World or Currys here -

#android   #chromecast   #googleplay  
Free Google Play Credit, if you own a Chromecast!

Super stuff +Google UK 

If you've got a #Chromecast  you can pick up a free movie rental worth £4.99. All you need to do is visit this page - with your Chromecast on and after a quick check, you should if applicable get the chance to redeem a rental for £4.99.

Once verified, you'll have £4.99 added to your Google Play balance. I'm going to try it with my second Chromecast, how super would that be if It does work. 

#android   #googleplay   #chromecast  

+Adrian Chapmanlaw + everyone else who has one!
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+Tim Morley Like the American Grey Squirrel vs the british red, our US grey Chromecasts are not as exciting :-(
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Chrome Remote Desktop

It couldn't be any easier. Follow the very simple set up process and access your computers on the go.

#android #chrome #google
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App update - BBC Sport

Nice app and for you football fans out there a new update. With it you'll be getting push notifications for various points throughout the match, kick off, goals, half time scores and full time result.

There are 150 teams you can get notifications for. Hopefully we'll see the same thing for other sports, the rather big gap under Football in the new 'My Alerts' menu could well point to such a thing.

Grab the update now via Google Play. It comes in at just over 12.5MB.

#android #bbc #sport
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Any +BT Sport customers out there? How super is this!

#android #chromecast
Chromecast: For Bigger Fun.

With #Chromecast  you can easily enjoy your favourite online entertainment on your HDTV. For £30. No more huddling around small screens and tiny speakers means Bigger Fun:

We’re also excited to announce that from today you can now cast +BT Sport your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your TV. With BT Sport you can watch exclusively live matches from the Barclays Premier League, FA Cup with Budweiser and all 69 Aviva Premiership Rugby games. A BT Sport subscription is needed.

We already announced BBC iPlayer Android and iOS apps are Cast enabled. Now you can also enjoy live, on-demand and exclusive programmes from the BBC through the web version of BBC iPlayer, as well as movies, TV shows, music and more from Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & Music and Chrome. Stay up-to-date on the latest apps that work with Chromecast at

Buy now from Amazon, Currys, PC World and Google Play. 

Visit the official website to find out more:
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Still prefer Roku.
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If you use +The Telegraph Android app and haven't yet updated it, head over to Google Play now.

Lots of improvements for getting the news as it happens.

The Telegraph for Android has been updated. A widget, background updates and a new look 'My Account' section.

The Telegraph haven't had the most warmest of receptions on Android, I even had a little moan but everything seems to be going hunky dory.

#android +The Telegraph
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Google Camera

If you're running a device with KitKat, go to Google Play and update your camera app.

You're going to love it!
Nice new update to the Google Camera if you're running Android KitKat.

Better UI and some nice new features. All you need to do is go to the Play Store and it'll be an update.

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Not come to my Moto G yet.
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The list of winners is growing

 if you're in the UK and habve a contract with EE, Orange or T-Mobile it might be worth taking a look at the forum,

I myself am having a spat with Orange at the moment and my case is now with CISAS and awaiting the outcome. . 
The only answer is to go sim free

EE have announced a change to their terms and conditions and also announced a price rise. 

I've already won a case against EE / Orange and had a nice cheque returned back to me, now I'm after them for another one. My claim is currently with CISAS and I have submitted my notes on their defence, for those interested I'd be more than happy to show it.

One thing though that got me thinking is the below:

The Ofcom publication “ Price rises in fixed term contracts - Decision to issue Guidance on General Condition 9.6”, Published in October 2013. Ofcom defined “Likely to be of Material Detriment as follows:

Paragraph 6.22
In particular, we consider guidance is needed as to price rises which we are likely to regard as materially detrimental (or likely to be materially detrimental) and invoking the requirements of GC9.6. Such price rises are likely to include any increase to core subscription prices.

Ofcom have announced that this will only apply to contracts entered into on or after 23rd January,all Ofcom have actually done is clarify a definition. They have not changed the words of GC 9.6. As they have only clarified a definition then the definition must apply to all contracts as it cannot be a legally correct position that two contracts subject to the same regulation with exactly the same wording (GC 9.6) can have two different meanings?

Ofcom are meant to be a force to protect the consumer but it looks like a load of consumers are doing the job for them, the mobile networks in the UK are a little big for their boots.

Publicly, +Three UK have said that they want to see more power for the regulators but as is the case the world over, big business gets the upper hand.

The only answer is to go sim free, that way you have more buying power. With all the European regulations being thrust on the mobile networks, in particular the roaming charges, the networks will simply raise their prices and we'll see PAYG get hit first, next handset subsidy will vanish and we could even see a US style charge for incoming calls.

The whole +EE should have never been allowed to happen and Ofcom need to grow a pair, and quickly. EE try and tell you that the contract and indeed material detriment is a complex matter of law, consumer contracts are not meant to be complex. They also reckon that they are allowed to decide what is and isn't of material detriment to you, but you're not. The definition of ‘material’, in its ordinary meaning, is, actual and substantial, or conversely not immaterial. 

NOw we have to go and visit the place where it is all happening, People are winning against EE / Orange and T-Mobile and whilst I may not be fun at parties, I'm sure you'd rather exercise your right than having some bod telling you otherwise. 

There are 1242 posts to go through, if you're interested you can start from the start:

You can though get halfway through where some of the legal help comes in and catch up to where the price rise comes to the table.

All that is needed is about half of your time, copy and paste a letter or two and see what happens. You may get money back, you may beat the network at their own game. At least they'll get the message that they can't just walk over you.  

#android   #ofcom  

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Android UK News etc

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Customers winning claims against price increases

+EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers in the UK are winning cases following price increases and change in terms and conditions.

If you're a customer of them check out the link attached to +Christopher Spackman post.
Lots of people winning cases against +EE +T-Mobile UK and Orange UK on the change in terms of conditions and price increase.

All it takes is a letter or two, copy and paste a template and you have a 50-50 chance of winning.

Read more -
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I complained that my increase had already came into affect, which it had. I also asked them to check my address and see how many contracts are in my household with EE. They sharp changed there tune and could not do enough for me. Hope any of this helps +Duarte Molha. I generally complain to any company that tries to up my bill mid contract. Sky and energy suppliers are my favourites.
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Apparently, all you Android users are poor according the the +Daily Mail report.

#android #ios
What??? #Android #iPhone 
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+Tim Lewis yes it's in agreement just being polite.
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