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£15 of free movies, free Music All Access and Now TV Entertainment Pass when you buy a Chromecast, a smashing deal. The perfect gift for anyone, including yourself. No doubt they'll put a smile on plenty of faces.

All you need to do is buy one and get it all set up by January 312015 to take advantage of all three offers. The free £15 credit has to be used by 31 January 2016.

Full terms can be found here - and you can pick a Chromecast for £30 at the likes of:

Currys -

Argos -

Tesco -

Of you all me it's a pretty super deal and the perfect stocking filler. I might grab one or two myself.

#Android #Chromecast #Google
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Got one on Black Friday for £18. Great bit of kit and kids love using Youtube on the tv now!
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Thugball Quiz
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All 4 is the new home of Channel 4 content and apart from the name change nothing else is new. Still no Chromecast support until they have the rights to allow content to be streamed from your mobile device to a TV.

The logo reminds me of the one from donkey's years ago.


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Free Chromecast when you buy a Nexus 9 from Currys and on top of that your Chromecast also sees you pick up a free subscription to Now TV for three months, 90 days of Google Music, a free movie rental and 30 days of Qello Concerts.

The 16GB WiFi Nexus 9 is £299 and the 32GB WiFi Nexis 9 is £399. Basically the price of the tablet has been dropped by £30 and a Chromecast chucked in which is a very good deal if you've been thinking of picking one of the super tablets up.

You can grab yours via the link below and the Nexus Player is also available from Currys as of yesterday.

#Nexus #Chromecast
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Nexus player killed my Chromecast, been sitting in a drawer for a couple months now.
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I was looking at Evernote only last week and thought it's about time Keep had the ability to add tags so searching for things is easier.

As if the Android team somehow heard my thoughts Keep is getting that functionality in the latest update. The update isn't showing up for me just yet but I'll be keeping my eye out for it over the course of this evening.

There should also be a few other updates it being Wednesday and all so hopefully an update will be coming to Google Drive, Google Plus and Photos!

As for Keep, keep your eye on Google Play for the update. Here's the link -

#Android #GoogleKeep
Get organized with new labels in #GoogleKeep. Add labels like "Travel", "To Do" or "Inspiration" to your notes for easy searching later.
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Looks like the Nexus Player will be hitting the UK inna couple of days. Not sure if it'll be getting one as I'm not a big gaming person and the Chromecast does what I need it to do.

Pricing is set to be about £80 which is the same price as a Roku and that packs all the TV you could need with all catch up services and the likes of Sky News. Coupled with a Chromecast I've got all I need for when my TV is on.

Anyone else thinking of grabbing one?

#Android #NexusPlayer

Engadget -
Nexus Player. Entertainment tailored for you.
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No Ethernet port??? How will one stream big sources such as 4k movies with WiFi? +Android UK News etc​
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Long overdue and not quite what I was looking for but from today you'll see pictures and videos in Google Drive. Google+ well still be the place to edit and share though.

Many would have been going for Drive to be the exclusive storage area. Having the Photos app the place to edit and then share would have worked rather well.

The update won't require any new app as it will roll out server side. New pictures will be there straight away with albums on Google+ to follow over the next week or so.


#Android #GoogleDrive
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App update - Sky News

Still no Android tablet support +Sky News​. Your app is hopelessly awful on the big screen. The adverts at the bottom are just as bad.

At least you're not funded by fear of court though but that doesn't get you off the hook.

With the general election officially underway Sky have updated their phone app with a dedicated Election section bridging you news about everything that will give someone the keys to Number 10.

On election night Sky will be bringing the results as they come in and up until that point the app has some very nice interactive bits too.

The update is live and is available via the link below.

#Android #GE2015
The Sky News mobile app is now even better, with added depth on the big bre...
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I would rather read my news via carrier pigeon, than anything produced by the Murdoch empire. 
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Android UK News etc

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New consumer laws hit the UK this October and they'll be giving you more protection with your purchases. One type of purchase that comes with more protection are when downloading apps.

As taken from the website:

You play a ‘freemium’ computer game – which means that the game was free to use when you started playing it 5 months ago. During that time you have spent money on in-app purchases to improve your game character. After your last character upgrade which you made via an in-app purchase, the game has stopped working. Under the Act you would be entitled to a repair or a replacement. If a repair is not provided within a reasonable time or is impossible to replace then you would be entitled to some money back.

The same will go for new other faulty digital content such as online film, games, music downloads and e-books. 

I'm sure that many of you have had issues when a handset goes wrong. From October the new law will see you able to return faulty goods up to 30-days for a refund and if you have a repair that is faulty the business will have to give you some money back.

More details on how the new consumer laws will impact you can be found via the below link. 
Consumers will have enhanced, easy to understand rights following Royal Assent for the Consumer Rights Act being given today (26 March 2015).
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Who's going to be grabbing one of these now that they are available from the Google Store?

I'll certainly be giving it a go, 14 day return policy for this will come in handy. The thing is do I need one seeing as I've got my handy little Chromecast.

Could it replace my Xbox? If Sky Go hands out support for Chromecast or the Nexus Player than yes it jolly well could.

You can get one via this link -

#NexusPlayer #Android
#NexusPlayer now available in the UK! Get it now from +Google Store. 
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Got mine already. Love it
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Three to buy O2 is official and all that is needed now are the regulatory people to give the deal the thumbs up and that could take a year to go through.

The deal means that O2 who have the best customer services merge with a network who offer the best deals on the market. Hopefully the O2 customer service values will stay when Three take them on and likewise Three continue to offer the super value plans and in particular those sim only deals.

Competition shouldn't suffer. There is still a lot of choice in the UK and no doubt Three will have to give some concessions for the deal to go through.

O2 do have a very strong brand and I'd imagine Three would want to keep that going. Together they'll be the biggest network, offer amazing deals and keep that great customer service going.

More on the announcement can be read over on the O2 website via the attached link.

#O2 #Three #Android
Hutchison Whampoa has today agreed definitive terms to acquire O2 in the UK from Telefónica. The deal agreed is the result of a period of exclusive discussions between the two companies. Closing of the deal is subject to regulatory approvals, but would bring together two respected mobile businesses in the UK. O2’s vision has always …
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+James Curtis o2 hasn't been a British company since BT sold them to Telefonica in 2005
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Moto X 2014 2nd Gen in Black with 16GB of storage and an Otterbox Defender case is on sale over on eBay. £280 plus postage or nearest offer.

You can view it here - - or contact +Christopher Spackman​​​ if you want to make an offer. I think £260 is a fair deal including portage.

#Android #MotoX 
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Dave J
Probably not wise to post a photo showing the IMEI code.
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