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App update - BBC Sport

Nice app and for you football fans out there a new update. With it you'll be getting push notifications for various points throughout the match, kick off, goals, half time scores and full time result.

There are 150 teams you can get notifications for. Hopefully we'll see the same thing for other sports, the rather big gap under Football in the new 'My Alerts' menu could well point to such a thing.

Grab the update now via Google Play. It comes in at just over 12.5MB.

#android #bbc #sport
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Any +BT Sport customers out there? How super is this!

#android #chromecast
Chromecast: For Bigger Fun.

With #Chromecast  you can easily enjoy your favourite online entertainment on your HDTV. For £30. No more huddling around small screens and tiny speakers means Bigger Fun:

We’re also excited to announce that from today you can now cast +BT Sport your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your TV. With BT Sport you can watch exclusively live matches from the Barclays Premier League, FA Cup with Budweiser and all 69 Aviva Premiership Rugby games. A BT Sport subscription is needed.

We already announced BBC iPlayer Android and iOS apps are Cast enabled. Now you can also enjoy live, on-demand and exclusive programmes from the BBC through the web version of BBC iPlayer, as well as movies, TV shows, music and more from Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & Music and Chrome. Stay up-to-date on the latest apps that work with Chromecast at

Buy now from Amazon, Currys, PC World and Google Play. 

Visit the official website to find out more:
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Still prefer Roku.
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Easy Google Play Credit with Google Opinion Rewards

Simply download the app and fill out a survey to have Google Play Credit added to your account. Surveys come in once a week and as such you'll get notified when they are available.

Previously only open to US residents,those of you in the UK, Canada and Australia can now take part.

All you need is just under 2MB of space and a few moments of your time now and again.
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Me three
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Play Movies and Newsstand updated


Here's another couple of Android app updates for you. Newsstand which is a super app for reading the news for free from various sources comes with a new 'My Library' section instead of a separate section for news and magazines.

When you swipe across the new 'Read Now' option, each category when reading the news has a different colours on the action bar, orange for sports, blue for highlights and so on.

Google Play Movies

The best part of this update has to be the ability to go forward or back during playback by just using your finger. All you need to do is drag you finger across to fast forward or rewind as fast or as slow as you want, swiping IP seems to let you go slow motion.

Other new features include the ability to choose different accounts and read a synopsis.

The updates should be making their way to you about now, head over to Google Play to get them.

Play Movies -

Newsstand -

If they haven't shown up and you want to try the updates now, Android Police have the apk files -

#android #newstand

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Do they mean you?

Who has a questionable taste in handsets? All those with a Samsung device please raise your hand
Pocket Casts have updated their app

It fixes an issue some with a questionable taste in handsets were having with playback.

#android #pocketcasts #podcasts
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Does anyone remember when they said iPhones lmaooooooo
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My Play Activity

If you head over to Google Play the old fashioned way by means of a desktop, laptop or Chromebook you'll be able to see the new 'My Activity' section.

This will show you all the +1s and ratings that you've given all those apps. Not only can you see yours but also those of other people. It's a little like the update to the Play Store that rolled out a few weeks back showing you the same sort of thing. 

To see if it is live for you, head over to Google Play and look for 'My Activity'. 

#android   #googleplaystore  
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Android UK News etc

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Customers winning claims against price increases

+EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers in the UK are winning cases following price increases and change in terms and conditions.

If you're a customer of them check out the link attached to +Christopher Spackman post.
Lots of people winning cases against +EE +T-Mobile UK and Orange UK on the change in terms of conditions and price increase.

All it takes is a letter or two, copy and paste a template and you have a 50-50 chance of winning.

Read more -
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I complained that my increase had already came into affect, which it had. I also asked them to check my address and see how many contracts are in my household with EE. They sharp changed there tune and could not do enough for me. Hope any of this helps +Duarte Molha. I generally complain to any company that tries to up my bill mid contract. Sky and energy suppliers are my favourites.
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Apparently, all you Android users are poor according the the +Daily Mail report.

#android #ios
What??? #Android #iPhone 
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+Tim Lewis yes it's in agreement just being polite.
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Hello 4G from +Three UK in my part of #Bournemouth. Oh, and +EE it didn't cost a penny extra.

What's it like in your neck of the woods?

#android #4g
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I'm still waiting for 4g where I am, but HSDPA+ does me well enough.  1MB/sec at times (that's the old fashioned megabtye, not the new fangled Mebibtye or whatever).
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App update - BBC Media Player

An app that is a must if you're wanting to watch or listen BBC catch up services on your Android device.

The update today is intended for those of you with one of those super little Chromecast devices. From the moment you update the app you can go back to where you left off which is very handy.

Grab the update from Google Play now.

#android #bbciplayer #chromecast
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Been off sick for a couple of days and my Chromecast has been put through it's paces on the bedroom telly (it's wonderful, not a doubt about that). This fixes the only nit I could pick...
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