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Freeroll Fury
Freeroll Fury For the entire month of February, Aced Poker is bringing the heat and over $25,000 in freerolls to our player base with a brand new promotion called Freeroll Fury. This promotion gives players a chance to play in a huge $1,000 Freeroll everyda...

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Busting some late-night deepstack holdem action. Playing the $250 GTD at

#10KDeepstack Near 2 to 1 table chipleader at the break w/ 24,000+. I'm fucking awesome. You may use my break to shower me with compliments

#10KDeepstack Stuck out a pf raise with AKo. Binked the flop but still took down the 2,600+ pot with the obligatory c-bet on the flop

#10KDeepstack Raised 3.5BB pre with Ah5h. Flop comes with 2 hearts. Checked to me, bet most pot. Turn = h. Bad guy shoves w/ K4h. 7,500+ pot

#10KDeepstack 8,600 in chips at the first break AND the 49ers beat the Panthers. So far today is a great day!

#10KDeepstack +780 more chips to the stack with what amounted to a bluff on the turn with only bottom pair.

#10KDeepstack Caught a guy on tilt AK > A8 for a 6,000+ pot. Played the player and ended his game 20 hands in.

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#10KDeepstack Holy shit. KK actually held for me in a 4-way to the flop. Shut it down there for a 500+ pot 
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