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wrong address...should be 18 Rewa Rewa, Whangarei across from Harvey Norman's!!
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
My Mother had a stay there for 14 months, from 95 to 96 1/2. Ranburn employees are useless. They dropped her twice causing growth on her elbow I had to have lanced and nodule removed. They double fractured her foot and never reported it--I discovered it 3 days after injury occurred per medical doctor who did xray... I rushed her to Dr. as Clinical Nurse Helen of Ranburn said she did not feel there was anything to worry about...I disagreed and was right. My Mother contracted 3 cases of scabies that was not treated until I blew up and demanded help. 2nd time I removed her and took her to private doctor who I paid to treat scabies with ointment and a pill to rid her body of this filth, kept her home with us till it was gone before returning her there. I found she was not eating proper meals...not being taken to toilet regularly, found soaking wet in urine, hematoma's and heavy bruising up and down her arms and legs from there handling (and she still walked). I have pictures of it all and filed with Elder Care and to proper authorities due to her negligent care. My Mother passed away in March, 2012, with scabies once again. Thank god she was in hospital at the time and not in that facility I had removed her from there the Monday prior to her death due to her care. Sept, 2012 Ranburn lockdown after finding 11 cases of norovirus gastroenteritis, which was linked to the deaths of two elderly Northland residents last year. Ranburn Lifestyle residential rest home, in Waipu, has asked family and friends of residents not to visit until the property is declared free of the disease. This place is filthy and needs to be shut down permanently! I have first- hand knowledge and will live with the thought of my Mother being treated so poorly all that time. All I can say is all of you who had the audacity to harm my Mother may you go to your grave knowing what you did...and Helen and Roseanne for allowing it to continue over and over when I told you what was going on. I paid $1300+ a month for this devastating care of my Lovely Mother who was loved by all.
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Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
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