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Finally getting around to transferring my Google+ Circles from here to my account. I have no idea if this will work. See you on the other side, maybe?

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Lots of good stuff at last night's +Ignite Leeds, including:
+Tom Morgan's excellent talk on Responsive Web Design
Dean Vipond - "Stonehenge has no 'view source'"
+Tim Medcalf on two great polar explorers
+Hwa Young Jung on DIY Bio

Thanks to +Imran Ali, +Craig Smith and Linda Broughton for making it happen.

This was my contribution...

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To be a little more data-driven, I replaced my blog's old manually-created linkroll page with a list of sites that really get my attention. Based on my data at, these are the domains I bookmarked three or more times in 2011.
(Aside: I have getting on for 6000 links on Pinboard. What else could I learn from them?)

Write-up of Tuesday's Leeds Millennium Square walkshop.
Thank you to the Leeds walkshoppers for braving the wind and rain, and especially to Leeds Digital Festival hero Leanne Buchan and Leeds City Council for the use of the Leonardo Building for our post-walk discussion. Thanks to Kathryn Grace, my Service Design Leeds co-organiser, and to Leeds Psychogeographer Tina Richardson for their support. Also, of course, to Adam Greenfield and Nurri Kim for the whole walkshop concept, which made organising the event a case study in simple internet-based group formation.

Help me out, G+: My 11-year-old's homework is to create a leaflet about internet safety. What are the best online resources to make a clueful child?

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Finally got to a first draft of my thoughts on the pace of change.
The proximate cause of this outbust is a dConstruct presentation from +Stephanie Rieger and +Bryan Rieger, and subsequent discussion on Twitter with +Simon Wardley and +Simon St.Laurent.
It’s an attempt to tell an alternative story about change in our culture, why it seems so rapid yet is probably much the same as it ever was. Also, critically, why the misperception is a bad thing and what we should do about it. You can tell me why I’m wrong, what I’m missing, and what I should read before opining on this subject again.

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RTFM; play four times, then RTFM again; vintage board games pull no punches
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I don't have the global perspective to say whether this is a uniquely British malaise, but there's loads in here that matches the stuff I've been thinking about over the past N years. Two of my personal hobby horses - our technological past as a platform to build the future (, the fact that my children use computers all the time but never see a line of code (

Really pleased to see this event in Leeds...
On September 25th, LSx presents LSxJunior, an event for families to explore and enjoy technology, born from a desire to make technology events in Leeds more inclusive for families.

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